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Monday, October 25, 2010

Child rapist 'stamped to death in his prison cell by fellow inmate'

8-4-2010 United Kingdom:

A child rapist has allegedly been stamped to death in his prison cell by a fellow inmate.

Robert Coello, 44, who was serving a sentence for sexually assaulting a minor, was found with head injuries in his cell in G wing of HMP Grendon in Buckinghamshire on Sunday.

He was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital but pronounced dead later that day, Thames Valley Police said.

The force said a 25-year-old inmate was arrested on Sunday evening before being bailed and returned to prison.

Officers are waiting for results of a post-mortem examination by a Home Office pathologist.

Coello was jailed at Reading Crown Court in August 2006, after admitting four counts of rape and 12 other sexual assaults.

He was serving a minimum seven year sentence.

HMP Grendon opened in 1962 as an experimental psychiatric prison, providing treatment for prisoners with antisocial personality disorders, under the direction of a medical superintendent, according the HM Prison Service website.

It is now run by a Prison Service governor and continues to operate a regime of therapeutic care for offenders.

The prison can house up to 235 inmates in Category B secure conditions, with the six wings operating as autonomous therapeutic communities. Prisoners must be committed to staying drug free while in therapy.

It is believed to be the first time an inmate has been killed in a category B prison.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: 'There has been no change to the type of prisoner held there in recent months, and no change to the vetting process.' ..Source.. by Daily Mail Reporter


Inmate denies murdering sex offender Robert Coello


An inmate killed a sex offender in his cell by kicking and punching him, causing a fatal brain injury, in a "ferocious attack", a court has heard.

Lee Foye, 27, denies murdering Robert Coello, 44, on 1 August 2010 in HM Prison Grendon, Buckinghamshire.

Prosecutor Neil Moore said Foye, who worked out in the gym, despised 11-stone serial child sex offender Coello.

Luton Crown Court heard there was evidence of Foye's footwear on Coello's body but fists may also have been used.

"The evidence is the defendant repeatedly kicked or stamped or both on his head and body," Mr Moore said.

He said two other inmates nearby heard the noise and went to inspect but the window had been covered in tissue paper.

The attack left Coello, originally from Whitley in Berkshire, with multiple fractures.
'Abnormality of mind'

"His head and body were extensively bruised and he suffered a brain injury that caused his death," Mr Moore said.

He said that, after the attack, Foye, originally from Corby in Northamptonshire, removed his bloodied clothes, which were later found in a prison bin.

Mr Moore said that, before the attack, Foye had said of Coello: "People like that should be put down."

At the start of the afternoon court session, Judge Richard Foster told the jury Foye had been taken back to prison because he was feeling unwell.

Mr Moore said psychiatrists found Foye suffered from a social personality disorder and that the defence would argue he had diminished responsibility at the time of the killing.

He urged the jury to consider the lesser charge of manslaughter.

"All those who assessed the defendant, all the experts, say he was suffering from abnormality of the mind at the time of the killing," Mr Moore said.

The case continues. ..Source.. by BBC


Inmate Lee Foye guilty of prison murder jailed for 35 years

11-15-2011 United Kingdom:

An inmate who beat a sex offender to death in prison has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 35 years after being convicted of murder.

Lee Foye, 26, stamped on Robert Coello, 44, so hard at HM Prison Grendon, Buckinghamshire, that the tread of his shoes could be seen on Coello's body.

Luton Crown Court heard Foye despised the serial child sex offender.

After convicting Foye the jury was told he was serving life for murdering a former lover in front of her son.

Judge Richard Foster said Foye's jail sentence would run concurrently to the 16-year sentence he is serving for his first murder.
Inquiry call

It means Foye cannot even be considered for parole until he is aged 61.

Jailing him at Luton Crown Court the judge said: "It was a callous, premeditated murder of a helpless victim."

Judge Foster said Foye had "manipulated the prison authorities to facilitate" his move to Grendon saying he had chosen Coello as his victim "perhaps because he had been vocal about his own offending."

The judge said: "I hope there will be a full inquiry into how appropriate it was for Lee Foye to be kept at HMP Grendon."

The court heard Coello, of Whitley, Reading, was attacked after he upset prisoners with graphic details of his crimes.

He had been placed in a wing with prisoners who were not sex offenders because the prison was so full and under its regime had been encouraged to talk about his feelings with other inmates, the court heard.

Foye carried out a ferocious attack on Coello after going into his cell and locking the door behind him.

Foye, who had boycotted the trial and was not present for the verdict, cut off both his ears in Woodhill Prison, Milton Keynes, while waiting for the case to come to court.

His defence had argued he should be convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.
Toddler's cries

Two women jurors cried when the prosecution revealed Foye's previous victim, Lauren Strachan, 19, of Corby, suffered 47 different stab wounds and 28 other injuries in August 2005.

Foye, then 20, was living with another woman at the time and is believed to have gone to Ms Strachan for sex and then killed her when she threatened to tell his girlfriend.

Her body was found the following morning when neighbours heard the cries of her two-year-old son.

Patrick Mandikate, the prison's head of psychotherapy, admitted he was "uneasy" with the decision to place Coello on G Wing last year.

He said: "It was made clear to me in no uncertain terms that we needed to fill these beds no matter who was available." ..Source.. by BBC

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teenager admits killing her 69-year-old ‘best pal’

10-11-2010 Scotland:

Harry Smith suffered a haemorrhage after being repeatedly hit by Elaine Fleming.

A teenage girl who killed a pensioner in an attack at his home was heard saying: "I didn't want him to die, he was my best pal", a court has heard.

But underage drinker Elaine Fleming had earlier called her victim "a paedophile and a pervert" and shouted she was "going to kill the bastard".

Fleming, then aged 17, repeatedly punched Harry Smith in a fatal attack at his home in Mainsford Avenue, Drongan, in Ayrshire, on October 13 last year. The 69-year-old victim suffered a massive haemorrhage in his head and died later at hospital in Ayr.

Fleming, now 18, of Hannahston Avenue, Drongan, admitted the culpable homicide of Mr Smith, when she appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Defence counsel Mark Stewart QC said Fleming was "extremely upset" over being charged with causing the death of her friend. He said it was "an odd friendship" given their ages.

A judge agreed to continue the teenager's bail for a background report to be prepared on her before sentencing.

But Lord Kinclaven told Fleming: "You should be under no illusion a custodial sentence will be uppermost in the court's mind."

The court heard Mr Smith, a father-of-two, had lived alone since the death of his wife some years previously.

Advocate depute David Young QC said that following his wife's death Mr Smith had taken to drinking and allowed others into his house to drink, among them youngsters including Fleming.

Fleming had turned up at his house on the day of the fatal attack and began drinking. Two schoolgirls later arrived and found her lying in "a drunken stupor" on the sofa next to Mr Smith. They tried to wake her but failed.

Mr Young told the court the girls said Mr Smith put a hand inside Fleming's trousers and up her top. One girl said he had remarked "Do you want her awake?" but the other said he said he was looking for money and checked her pockets.

After Fleming woke she left the house with one of the girls who told her what had occurred.


Mr Young said: "This was the first that she was aware of anything happening. On hearing about the incident the accused said that she was going to go to his house to 'go off her head at him'."

The prosecutor said she later went back to Mr Smith's home and confronted him shouting and swearing, calling him a paedophile and a pervert and saying he had touched her when she was asleep.

He said Fleming went in and out of the house several times, including occasions when she was put out by others, but kept returning.

Mr Young said: "The commotion was overheard by several people who began to gather at the front driveway of the house.

"The accused was seen to be very irate and at one point she was heard to shout 'I'm going to kill the bastard', although this was said to be the sort of thing that she would say when in a temper. Witnesses described her as being very drunk," he said.

Fleming was seen punching the pensioner to the head. During the attack he sat on a couch and did not retaliate. Eventually his head slumped to the side but Fleming accused him of pretending to sleep. But others became concerned and an ambulance was called.

Mr Young said: "After the incident the accused remained at the scene and was described as being hysterical, at times rolling on the ground crying and screaming. She is reported as saying 'I didn't want him to die, he was my best pal' and 'I knew I hit him, but I didn't mean to do that'."

The assault victim was taken to Ayr Hospital where he was found to be unconscious and unresponsive and was placed on life support. A decision was later taken to switch off the ventilator.

Fleming was later interviewed by police and admitted hitting the deceased a couple of times, after being told he had been touching her, but said she thought it was to his shoulder and chest. ..Source.. by

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lawyer: Slain radio newsman lured teen to NYC home

10-18-2010 New York:

NEW YORK—A teenager accused of fatally stabbing a radio newsman he met through Craigslist was lured to the man's apartment for illegal sex, his lawyer said Monday at the start of the boy's trial on a charge of second-degree murder.

John Katehis went to George Weber's Brooklyn apartment in March 2009 believing he was going to earn $60 to help move boxes, defense lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz said in state Supreme Court in Brooklyn.

Instead, Weber gave Katehis, then 16, alcohol and what the teen believed was cocaine and offered him the money in exchange for smothering and binding him for sexual gratification, Schwartz told jurors.

"George Weber was a 47-year-old drunk predator of an underage boy by the name of John Katehis," Schwartz said. "He lured this 16-year-old boy to his lair."

Katehis wasn't legally old enough to consent to sex with an adult. The age of consent in New York is 17.

Weber, 47, pulled out a knife during the encounter and Katehis, "feeling jumpy, nervous and paranoid," defended himself, Schwartz said. Weber was stabbed more than 50 times, prosecutors said.

Weber had been working as a freelancer for ABC News Radio. He also had worked at WABC in New York, and at stations in California, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Investigators found no cocaine in Weber's apartment and toxicology tests done when Katehis went to the emergency room for cuts on his right hand found no traces of the drug in his system, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors portray Katehis as a willing participant who placed a Craigslist advertisement offering sex for money. Weber, who had a sexual fetish for being smothered "to the point of where he was close to passing out," responded to the ad, said prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi.

The two exchanged e-mails and pictures before agreeing to meet at Weber's apartment, the prosecutor told the jury.

"This was a vicious, brutal, intentional attack," the prosecutor told the jury, adding that the motive may "never be quite clear."

"He wasn't warding off any attack. He wasn't high or drunk," she said.

Police officers discovered Weber's body on his bedroom floor covered by a blanket with his pants and underwear at his ankles, which were bound with duct tape, an officer testified. The officers had gone to his apartment after Weber's employer called police and said he hadn't been to work in two days.

In Weber's blood-splattered apartment, investigators found a vodka bottle, a bottle of whiskey, duct tape, scissors, lubrication and an empty cardboard box for a camera, detective Thomas O'Brien testified Monday.

Katehis is being held without bail. If convicted he faces a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison. ..Source.. by MARCUS FRANKLIN

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Killeshandra pensioner dies after horrific attack at home

10-19-2010 Ireland:

Funeral of attempted castration victim Johnny Golden delayed for tests on body

The funeral of a pensioner who died from what’s believed were injuries sustained in a vicious assault a month ago has been postponed so that the State Pathologist can carry out further tests.

John Golden (73) was attacked in his home at Nedd, Doogary, Killeshandra, on Tuesday, September 7, and was found in an unconscious state the following morning by a neighbour.

His funeral was due to be held on Sunday last at Killegar Parish Church but Dr. Marie Cassidy made the request for a further examination of the body in a bid to determine precisely the nature of his injuries and the exact cause of his death.

It’s understood that Mr. Golden was the victim of an attempted castration and that pliers and a poker may have been used in the assault. It’s believed that he suffered head and internal injuries.

Rumours have been circulating that Mr. Golden was gay or a paedophile but these have been strongly denied by neighbours who claim that John’s name was being blackened by others.

Superintendent Tom Maguire from Ballyconnell Garda Station, who is leading the investigation into the attack, confirmed to The Anglo-Celt this week a young male was arrested on Saturday, September 11, and detained under the provision of Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984. He was later released without charge.

Mr. Golden’s body was discovered in an unconscious state by his neighbour Seamus Galligan, who lives quite close, at about 9.40am on Tuesday, September 7. Mr. Galligan alerted the gardaí and ambulance services.

Mr. Golden was taken to Cavan General Hospital, where he remained in an unconscious state until he was pronounced dead at 7.50pm last Wednesday, October 6.

A post mortem was carried out on his body at Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan, last Thursday by assistant State Pathologist Dr. Khalid Jabbar.

Mr. Golden was an orphan and had lived in the Doogary area for the past 35 years. He was raised in Sunbeam House in County Wicklow and it’s believed he never knew his parents. In Leitrim he worked as a farm labourer and a mechanic.

Lily Galligan, wife of Seamus, said: “We are devastated at the death of John who was a good neighbour and a lovely gentleman.”

His death came as a shock to the whole community and he was well liked. He lived in Killegar before moving to Doogary.

When Seamus discovered John in his home, he thought he had suffered a turn. “He saw the door open and went into the bedroom and found John on the floor.”

The Galligan family are annoyed that rumours have been circulating since Mr. Golden’s death that John was gay or was a paedophile.

They claim he was neither. “John was never the subject of any complaint of a sexual nature to the gardaí.” He was a private individual who kept himself to himself. He was most happy when repairing vintage tractors and machinery.

Mrs. Galligan said he would visit them regularly, as well as other neighbours, and he was not a heavy drinker though he did take the odd bottle of stout. He was a good living man who also liked music.

Rumours that he screened pornographic films at his house 10 years ago have been vehemently denied by local sources.

It is understood that an investigation was launched at the time but no charges were ever brought due to the lack of evidence.

Superintendent Maguire has appealed to the public for their assistance.

He would not confirm if Mr. Golden had been sexually assaulted.

Gardaí are particularly interested in hearing from any witnesses that may have been in the vicinity of Nedd, Doogary between 8pm on Monday, September 6, and 11am on Tuesday, September 7.

They are asked to contact Ballyconnell Garda Station on 049-9525580. People are also asked to ring the Garda Confidential Telephone Line 1800-666-111 or contact any garda station. Mr. Golden’s body has not been released yet and his funeral will not take place until Thursday or Friday. ..Source.. by Anglo Celt

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Molest slur sparks lynching

10-5-2010 India:

Durgapur, Oct. 5: A mob of 50 lynched an alleged molester and almost killed two of his friends in a Bankura village today, meting out street justice while police took hours to arrive from a nearby outpost.

A police officer said based on the accounts of eyewitnesses that the trio were lifted like “an elephant picks up a man with its trunk and flung to the ground”, underscoring the brutality of the beatings that followed alleged lewd comments passed at a schoolgirl cycling by. The youths, in their twenties, are yet to be identified.

Some of the villagers who watched the incident unfold in Saltora’s Hakara village and informed the police claimed the events would not have taken such a gory turn had the cops reached the spot in time.

The injured were admitted to the Bankura Sanmilani Medical College and Hospital in an unconscious state. “They have multiple injuries on their heads, limbs and other parts of the body. Their hands and legs are also fractured,” a doctor said, referring to the injuries suffered in the thrashing with bamboo sticks and rods.

The trouble began when the Class X girl, the daughter of a small farmer, was cycling to school with some classmates around 11am and the three youths on a motorcycle blocked her way, passing lewd comments.

“When she tried to ignore them, one of them pulled her hand and she fell off her cycle. She started shouting for help. Her schoolmates also raised the alarm. Some villagers rushed to help,” the officer said.

Scared, the youths got on their bike and tried to escape but were waylaid by another group down the road. “I was buying things from a grocer and saw the mob charge at the youths screaming that they would not spare them as they had tried to molest and kidnap a girl from the village. It is an insult to the village and we will teach them a lesson, the mob shouted, as it set upon the three,” said villager Kanchan Ghosh.

Officers from Saltora police station who spoke to the locals painted a blood-curdling picture, saying that at one point of time during the thrashing, the youths were picked up high over the villagers’ heads and flung to the ground. “Just like an elephant picks up a man with its trunk, they were hoisted and flung to the ground,” the officer said.

Even as the youths were being beaten, some villagers escorted the girl home. The youths’ bike was torched.

Bankura police chief Pranab Kumar suggested the youths were not from Hakara. “We have learnt that all of them had come from Punishole in Onda area of the district. We have started a molestation case and will arrest the two injured youths (after they recover). We have also arrested a villager for beating one of the youths to death,” Kumar said.

The police team from Saltora, only 6km away, was greeted by protests when it arrived two hours later. Asked about the delay, Kumar said “it took some time as the road is very bad”. ..Source..

Girl Accused Of Killing Her Alleged Molester

9-7-2010 United Kingdom:

Prosecution says girl, 14, stabbed man she accused of assaulting her after she heard he would not face charges...

Robert Daley, 45, was stabbed in the heart when the girl and a male friend, also 14, called at his home in Stockwell, south London, on 23 April, the Old Bailey was told.

Jonathan Rees QC, prosecuting, told the jury that the girl, her 16-year-old sister and a woman had made claims of sexual assault against Daley. Despite the claims, all three continued to have contact with him.

Rees said Daley was telephoned on the morning he died by a police officer who told him the Crown Prosecution Service had decided to drop the case. Daley then telephoned the older girl, who then contacted the 14-year-olds.

Five minutes after the boy and girl arrived at the flat Daley had been stabbed and lay bleeding on the floor. Two of the stab wounds had penetrated his heart.

Rees said the boy was understood to be claiming that he used the knife while trying to defend himself and the girl.

The girl denied taking part in the stabbing, but claimed that during the visit Daley sexually assaulted her in the kitchen and the boy stabbed him to help her get away.

Rees said: "There is evidence that she later told people close to her that it was she who stabbed him. It is the prosecution case that both defendants were responsible."

The defendants, now 15, deny murdering Daley. The trial continues. ..Source..

Teen girl fatally stabs sister's alleged molester

9-29-2010 New Zealand:

A 14-year-old British girl stabbed a man to death after finding out he would not be prosecuted for allegedly sexually assaulting her older sister, a court has heard.

Robert Daley, 45, was killed at his home in London in April on the same day he was told by police that the case against him had been dropped, according to the BBC.

The court heard that he called the 16-year-old girl after finding out he would not be charged.

She replied with a text message saying: "Stop calling and texting me. I really don't want anything to do with you. You are a perverted man and I can never forgive you.”

She then called her younger sister and her sister's boyfriend, who went round to Mr Daley's house.

They claim the 14-year-old boy stabbed Mr Daley five times, including twice in the heart, after Mr Daley sexually assaulted the girl in his kitchen.

But the girl later bragged to her friends that she was the one who stabbed the victim, the prosecution said.

Mr Daley was arrested earlier this year after the older sister told police he had sexually assaulted her.

The younger sister also claimed Mr Daley had pestered her for sex since she was 11-years-old, but never made an official statement.

The charges against Mr Daley, an alcoholic and drug user who lived with his partner of eight years, were dropped.

Both girls continued to contact Mr Daley after he was arrested, with the younger sister allegedly asking him for money.

The court was told their father is in jail in the UK, and their mother is in jail in the Caribbean island of Grenada for drug trafficking.

The case is expected to last three weeks. ..Source.. by MSN NZ

4-27-2010 Scotland:

A 14-year-old British girl is being held over the death of a man she accused of attacking her.

Robert Daley, 45, was stabbed to death in the doorway of his Brixton flat on Friday in what local media is describing as a "vigilante" attack.

Just 10 days earlier, the Crown Prosecution Service had refused to press charges against the unemployed builder despite the 14-year-old's allegations.

The girl is now being held in relation to the murder, with an 18-year-old man also arrested, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Daley was found conscious by neighbours lying in a pool of blood after being repeatedly stabbed in the chest.

He was only able to give his first name to paramedics before dying from his injuries.

The CPS declared it had insufficient evidence to prosecute the unemployed builder on April 13 following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police child protection team.

Mr Daley was also alleged to have assaulted the girl's 18-year-old half-sister.

Scotland Yard confirmed a teenage girl had been arrested while the 18-year-old man had been bailed to return in May.

Neighbours were shocked to hear of the claims against the alleged pedophile, with one describing him as a "gentle giant". ..Source.. by ninemsn staff

Boy 'stabbed suspected paedophile after he grabbed girl'

10-6-2010 United Kingdom:

A teenage boy told the Old Bailey today that he stabbed a suspected paedophile to death after the man grabbed a schoolgirl round the neck.

The boy and girl, who were both 14 at the time, had gone to Robert Daley's flat in Brixton, south London, after prosecutors dropped a sex abuse case against him.

Within minutes he had been stabbed five times in the side in his kitchen.

The teenagers, now both 15 and who cannot be identified because of their age, deny murdering Mr Daley, 45, in April.

The youth told the court the girl went into the kitchen with Mr Daley and a few minutes later, he heard "choking and grappling sounds".

The youth said: "I saw him pinning her to the worktop. He had his left hand on her throat and his right hand was trying to touch her.

"She was trying to get his hand off her throat and also trying to keep him from touching her."

He said a struggle broke out as he tried to pull the girl away and was hit in the face.

He allegedly saw Mr Daley reaching for a knife - and grabbed one himself for protection.

"I knew he went to get a knife. I looked round for what I could use as a weapon. I got scared because of all the stories he had told me.

"In the kitchen sink I found a black-handled knife. I assumed he was going to get one and stab us.

"I told him to stop screaming at me. He was not paying any attention.

"His hand was close to the knife - that's when I poked him."

The youth said he continued to "poke" Mr Daley until he managed to free the girl.

The trial was adjourned to tomorrow. ..Source.. by The Independent