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Saturday, April 30, 2011

UPDATE: Summerville shooting leaves one dead

4-30-2011 South Carolina:

Summerville — The man who was shot inside a residence here Thursday night and was pronounced dead a short time later has been identified as 32-year-old Jason Thomas Arriolo.

Dorchester County Coroner Christopher D. Nisbet said Arriolo was shot twice and pronounced dead from gunshot wounds at Summerville Medical Center at 9:17 p.m. Thursday.

Police are continuing to investigate the shooting but have provided few details. No one has been charged with a crime.

A brief statement from the Summerville Police Department issued at 2 a.m. said that when police arrived at 311 Hemingway Circle, a townhouse in Central Commons, the homeowner “directed them to the rear of his residence where a male was found with a gunshot wound to his abdomen.”

Emergency medical personnel then arrived and took the gunshot victim to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

An incident report has not yet been released by police.

“A weapon was discharged, and one person has been shot,” said Lt. Thomas Peterson of the Summerville Police Department on Thursday night. “We’re still investigating.”

Though authorities have not revealed how or why Arriolo was shot, he was a convicted felon who had spent time in prison and had an extensive criminal record, according to a background check with the State Law Enforcement Division.

He was a registered sex offender, having been convicted in Berkeley County in 2006 of committing a lewd act on a minor. According to sex offender search results at the Dorchester County Sheriff's website, Arriolo's victim was a 15-year-old girl. ..Source.. by Staff report


Shooting victim identified


The man who shot and killed a Summerville man last Thursday said he feared for his safety.

Robert Wayne Carlisle, 28, of 311 Hemingway Circle, Summerville, told Summerville Police officers he shot 32-year-old Jason Thomas Arriolo when Arriolo kept advancing toward Carlisle in what he believed to be a violent and threatening manner, according to a SPD incident report released Monday.

Officers responding to the call at 311 Hemingway Circle the evening of April 28 found Arrolio in a bedroom in Carlisle’s apartment with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. EMS arrived on the scene shortly after and transported Arrolio to Summerville Medical Center.

Arrolio was pronounced dead at 9:17 p.m., according to Dorchester County Christopher Nisbet.

According to an incident report released by the Summerville Police Department Monday, five people had been drinking and playing cards at Arrolio’s residence, 309 Hemingway Circle, earlier in the afternoon. At some point, they decided to stop playing cards. Three of them, including Robert Wayne Carlisle II, his roommate Matthew D. Shuler, and a female friend decided to go next door to 311, where Carlisle and Shuler live. A few minutes later, the other two, Brandon K. Hester and Arrolio knocked on the door.

They came into Carlisle and Shuler’s apartment and at some point Arriolo began to make advances toward Carlisle. While some of the witnesses said Arriolo appeared to be joking at first, Carlisle became offended when Arriolo kept doing this and told Arriolo and Hester to leave. They did leave, but Arriolo returned a few minutes later, this time acting angry and out of control, according to the report.

Carlisle told officers Arriolo yelled threats and kept advancing toward him, following him to his bedroom, and kept coming at Carlisle even when he retrieved his pistol and told Arriolo to leave. Carlisle said he feared for his safety because Arriolo was much bigger than he is, so Carlisle shot him.

While accounts of the events differ slightly among the witnesses, they all seemed to agree that Arriolo did become angry and acted out of control, according to the report.

The case is still under investigation and no charges have been filed, according to SPD officials. ..Source.. by Jim Tatum

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Police Investigating Overnight Slaying

4-26-2011 Kentucky:

Donald Thornhill Killed Early Monday Morning

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Louisville Metro Police detectives spent Monday morning in a Pleasure Ridge Park neighborhood after a call of a man down turned into a homicide investigation.

Police said the victim was 64-year-old registered sex-offender Donald Thornhill.

The coroner said he died of "sharp force injuries."

Thornhill was on Kentucky's sex offender registry. Police haven't said if that had anything to do with his death.

Now investigators are working to find the person responsible.

Police got the call just before 3:30 a.m. Monday. When they arrived at the home in the 9500 block of Cochise Way, they said they found Thornhill dead inside.

Investigators said it was obviously foul play.

"There were outwards signs of trauma," said Louisville Metro Police Department spokeswoman Alicia Smiley.

Neighbors said Thornhill lived at the home with his wife and mother-in-law.

"We're still trying to determine whether other people were inside the residence, whether it was one or more people. Right now, we just don't have those details," Smiley said.

Police said detectives went door to door in the early morning hours to try to get answers.

David Blevins lives next door to Thornhill. He said he didn't hear anything until his dog woke him up when police arrived.

"My dog paces the gates when something is going on. She was back there whining, wondering what all this activity is going on for," Blevins said.
As soon as the sun came up, neighbors peeked their heads outside their homes to watch police work. The overwhelming sentiment was fear and disbelief something like this could happen in their neighborhood.

"I don't think the neighborhood will ever get over this," said Catherine Brooks, who lives across from the crime scene.

Brooks said Thornhill treated her well and always said hello.

Brooks learned of his death when police knocked on her door around 5:30 a.m. Monday.

A couple of hours later, she still hadn't moved from the same spot on her couch.

"I've been sitting right here almost numb thinking about him, and I sure would like to know the whole story of what happened," Brooks said.

Thornhill is listed as being compliant on Kentucky's sex offender registry.

He was sentenced to prison on a first-degree sex abuse charge in 1990 and served his complete sentence from December 1990 to November 1992.

In 1995, he sentenced to prison on incest and second-degree persistent felony offender charges and served a complete sentence from October 1995 to May 2002.

Police have not released a motive in his slaying.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call the anonymous police tip line at 502-574-LMPD. ..Source.. by

Murder victim was convicted sex offender

4-26-2011 Kentucky:

LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- As family members gathered outside Donald Thornhill's home, leftover crime tape dangled in the wind just a few steps away, telling the tale of what happened there.

Police found Thornhill dead inside his home around 3:30 Monday morning. They were responding to a report of a home invasion. WDRB Fox 41 News has been told the 64-year-old had been stabbed in the stomach.

"It's a total shock," says Catherine Brooks, who has lived near the family for years. She says their kids grew up together.

"They were such good neighbors," she says. "She would always come on special days, she just came and brought me an Easter basket and they brought my dog a treat, and he did, too, when he was alive."

Neighbors say Thornhill stayed there with his wife and mother.

Neighbor Marie Wilson says, "He was a nice guy. When I'd walk by, he speaks to me every time and his wife does too."

While neighbors spoke highly of Thornhill, saying he was always polite and never caused problems in the community, they also spoke about his past. He was a convicted sex offender.

State police records show Thornhill convicted on four counts of incest in December 1990. He was sentenced to three years in prison and was up to date with the state Sex Offender Registry.

Police will not say whether his prior sex crimes are related to his death. They're also withholding who was at home at the time of the attack and who called 911, saying it's too early in the investigation.

Overnight, detectives combed the scene looking for those answers. There are still no suspects.

If you have any information on the murder, you're asked to call the tipline, 574-LMPD. ..Source.. by

Registered sex offender found dead in home, police suspect foul play

4-26-2011 Kentucky:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS)--Louisville Metro Police were called out on a death investigation to the 9500 block of Cochise Way in southwest Louisville around 3:30 a.m. Monday, after receiving a call from a neighbor. When police arrived at the scene, they found 64-year-old Donald Thornhill dead inside his home. Thornhill lived in the residence with his wife and mother-in-law for more than 30 years. Several neighbors say the family had a troubled past. Thornhill is a registered sex offender and listed on the registry as serving four counts of incest in 1995. Since his time served, police say he has been compliant and has no other criminal history. Many residents in the neighborhood say they are shocked, because they say the area of Valley Station near the Greenbelt Highway is normally quiet. Police said Thornhill does have signs of outward trauma, but they are not sure at this time how he died. They also said they do suspect foul play and they are investigating the death as a homicide. Police said they have no suspects at this time. If you have any information about this investigation, call the anonymous tip line at 502-574-LMPD. ..Source.. by

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Women shocked by brother's death

The news story does not explain why this is listed, but, once you read the court case of the prosecution of the person who killed him, then it comes to light.

QUOTE: "Defendant‟s blood test was negative for alcohol and positive for methamphetamine. During his blood test, defendant commented he had to “take care of a rapist.” At his arraignment on March 9, 2009, defendant bragged he had “popped” the victim “in the chest three times” for “molesting.

B. Defense Evidence
Defendant was born in Guam. He testified that, between the ages of 9 and 14 years old, he was molested by his Uncle Tony, who fondled him and forced him to engage in oral sex. Defendant and Nick were friends for many years. Defendant testified that he killed Nick to protect his family because he believed Nick was going to molest and rape the women. Defendant acknowledged Nick had never harmed defendant‟s sister or his niece."
2-20-2009 California:

Two women whose brother was shot to death said Friday that they would never forget his singing, or his smile or his generosity.

Gina and Fatima Nick were shocked to learn that a family friend who had grown up in the same Riverside neighborhood had been arrested Thursday on suspicion of shooting their brother, Qaddafi Nick, 35.

Their brother had been living in the 6200 block of Hillside Avenue for about 18 months with the family of his best friend, Gina Nick said.

Riverside police Sgt. Derwin Hudson said someone saw Ivan John Cepeda, 47, put a person with bloody clothing in the back of his truck Thursday morning, and when Cepeda returned to the house, his truck was empty.

Hudson said the body was found nearby a couple of hours later.

Gina and Fatima Nick said their brother and Cepeda's brother were best friends.

"I was scared and hurt at the same time because we all grew up together in the same neighborhood," Gina Nick said. "It was a good family."

Gina Nick said her brother had been working in construction and laying carpet. He had two daughters, 14-year-old Pasha and 13-year-old Tasia, she said.

His older daughter called him just days before his death to tell him she earned all A's in school, Gina Nick said.

The sisters said their brother was known for his bad singing.

"We always teased him that we were going to put him on American Idol," Fatima Nick laughed.

He would laugh too, when they teased him about his singing; he was always eager to have fun, his sisters said.

"He was loved by a lot of people," Fatima Nick said, motioning to dozens of people who were gathered to wash cars to raise money for his funeral. His family and friends will return to the parking lot of Nichols Park at 5505 Dewey Ave. today to continue to raise money. ..Source.. by JESSICA LOGAN

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Man Killed by Police Linked to 2nd Rape

4-12-2011 Nevada:

LAS VEGAS -- New evidence has connected a rapist to two brutal sexual assault cases. DNA test results show the man shot and killed by police April 4 is the same rapist who struck in northwest Las Vegas last month.

The Val D'Isere Townhouse complex is gated, but in the early hours of March 30, violence shattered the quiet, peaceful community.

Val D'Isere resident Glenroy Jones was alarmed to learn a fellow resident was raped by an attacker who had been hiding in her home.

"This is such a quiet neighborhood," Jones said. "I'd be very glad if they would start a neighborhood watch in here."

Police say the man bound the woman but untied her after he sexually assaulted her. She fought back and injured him before he ran off.

Five days later, a man broke into another woman's home across town, raping her and creating a tense 12-hour standoff with police. Police eventually shot and killed the man, 48-year-old Michael Chevalier.

Police say Chevalier committed both crimes. Police say his injury during the first crime helped connect him to the second attack.

"He was injured when the victim fought back, and we have DNA evidence, blood evidence," Duvall said. "There are actually some striking similarities between the two crimes."

Chevalier committed the first rape in a modern neighborhood near Durango Drive and Washington Avenue. The second crime happened more than 10 miles away near Charleston Boulevard and Mojave Road. He may be dead now, but police are still investigating his last whereabouts.

"We haven't discounted the likelihood that he was staying in his car, although we're not 100 percent on that," Lt. Duvall said.

Word quickly spread at Val D'Isere that the rapist who struck the community has been dead for a week.

"I'm relieved really, because it's just crazy knowing that that could have happened to someone in my neighborhood," resident Mariah Kelly said.

Police say their evidence is strong, and these sexual assault cases are officially closed. They say they are not investigating any sexual assault cases that bear similar characteristics. They have, however, released surveillance images in case other victims do exist.

"If there are other victims, I can tell you - based on the reports we are reading - we have not seen it of this magnitude or this brutality. So if they do exist, if anyone knows anything more about this individual or about the crimes he's committed, or whether or not they're victims of similar crimes, we need them to contact Metro," said Lt. Duvall.

Chevalier, meanwhile, had a criminal record. He was convicted of manslaughter in Michigan in 1983. ..Source.. by Aaron Drawhorn, Reporter


Man killed in hostage standoff had assaulted another woman, police say

4-11-2011 Nevada:

A man killed by police this month after holding a woman hostage and sexually assaulting her had attacked another woman less than a week earlier, Las Vegas police said Monday.

Blood evidence linked Michael Dean Chevalier, 48, to both crimes, said Lt. Robert DuVall, head of the Sexual Assault Detail.

The first sexual assault occurred in the northwest valley in the early hours of March 30. Chevalier entered a townhouse near Durango Drive and Washington Avenue about 2:30 a.m. and tied up a woman inside, DuVall said.

When he untied the woman, she fought back and caused him to bleed in the home, he said.

Detectives used that blood to identify Chevalier as the attacker.

"Our evidence is so strong that we're closing that case," DuVall said.

Police were investigating the possibility that Chevalier entered the townhouse through an unlocked door, he said.

Police spokesman Marcus Martin said Chevalier might have been stalking his first victim.

"There's evidence he was watching her," he said.

Four days later, Chevalier held a woman hostage and sexually assaulted her in her apartment during a 12-hour standoff with police.

Chevalier randomly entered the woman's apartment at the Sedona Hills complex on Charleston Boulevard near Fremont Street the afternoon of April 3, police said.

Officers were negotiating with Chevalier to surrender when he fired several shots at a sedan entering a parking lot, which he might have thought was driven by an undercover officer, police said.

SWAT officers were called to the scene, and the standoff ended at 4:30 a.m. the next day.

When SWAT officers entered the woman's apartment, Chevalier fired at them. One officer responded with a single shot, killing him.

Police have not said how Chevalier entered the woman's apartment, but Rhonda Foster, a resident in the apartment complex, told the Review-Journal that Chevalier is thought to have entered through an unlocked front door.

Foster said she spoke to a maintenance man, who told her police broke through several walls in nearby apartments to enter the woman's apartment. The account was confirmed by Las Vegas police.

The second-story apartment where the standoff occurred had only one stairwell that led to its front door.

SWAT Sgt. Mike Quick, 43, and patrol officer Aaron Perez, 35, have been placed on paid administrative leave since the shooting. Perez was not involved in the SWAT raid that ended the standoff.

Chevalier was convicted of manslaughter in May 1983 in Genesee County, Mich., according to public records.

DuVall said that he couldn't elaborate on the sexual assault during the hostage situation because of the internal investigation into the officer-involved shooting but that the two cases have "striking similarities."

Not much is known about Chevalier and his time in Southern Nevada, he said. Police suspect he might have been living in his car.

DuVall said police are unsure whether Chevalier assaulted anybody else in Las Vegas, and he urged people to call police if they suspect Chevalier committed other crimes. ..Source.. by Antonio Planas

Friday, April 8, 2011

Man killed in struggle over gun

4-8-2011 Texas:

HUNTSVILLE — A convicted sex offender was killed Wednesday during a struggle over a gun with Walker County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Curtis Wayne Moritz, 27, was killed by two gunshot wounds to the chest while officers were in his home performing a standard sex offender compliance check. Officers from the sheriff’s office, as well as the U.S. Marshals, the Texas Attorney General’s Office and all four Walker County Constables were assisting in checks throughout the county Wednesday.

According to a press release from Walker County Sheriff’s Lt. Charles Perkins, two officers arrived at Mortiz’s home on FM 1791 to perform the check, when Moritz became nervous and drew a handgun. One of the officers, whose name was not released, struggled to get the gun away from Moritz, but the gun went off twice during the struggle, both times striking Moritz in the chest. Emergency medical services were called to the scenes, but Moritz was dead before they arrived.

“It is unknown if Moritz intended to harm the officers or just himself at this time,” the WCSO said in the press release. “Neither of the officers conducting the check received any major injuries during this incident. The officers’ names are being with held at this time.”

Moritz’s body was taken to the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy. The WCSO and the Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.

Moritz was a fifth-grade teacher at Alpha Omega Academy until he was fired in February 2010 after an arrest for possession of child pornography. Pornographic images of children were found both on his home computer and on a portable electronic device belonging to him. According to the WCSO, all of the images were downloaded from foreign websites.

Sheriff Clint McRae said Moritz was convicted as a sex offender and received probation in March 2011. The visit Wednesday was his first sex offender compliance check since entering the state registry. ..Source.. by Matthew Jackson, Staff Reporter