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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Women shocked by brother's death

The news story does not explain why this is listed, but, once you read the court case of the prosecution of the person who killed him, then it comes to light.

QUOTE: "Defendant‟s blood test was negative for alcohol and positive for methamphetamine. During his blood test, defendant commented he had to “take care of a rapist.” At his arraignment on March 9, 2009, defendant bragged he had “popped” the victim “in the chest three times” for “molesting.

B. Defense Evidence
Defendant was born in Guam. He testified that, between the ages of 9 and 14 years old, he was molested by his Uncle Tony, who fondled him and forced him to engage in oral sex. Defendant and Nick were friends for many years. Defendant testified that he killed Nick to protect his family because he believed Nick was going to molest and rape the women. Defendant acknowledged Nick had never harmed defendant‟s sister or his niece."
2-20-2009 California:

Two women whose brother was shot to death said Friday that they would never forget his singing, or his smile or his generosity.

Gina and Fatima Nick were shocked to learn that a family friend who had grown up in the same Riverside neighborhood had been arrested Thursday on suspicion of shooting their brother, Qaddafi Nick, 35.

Their brother had been living in the 6200 block of Hillside Avenue for about 18 months with the family of his best friend, Gina Nick said.

Riverside police Sgt. Derwin Hudson said someone saw Ivan John Cepeda, 47, put a person with bloody clothing in the back of his truck Thursday morning, and when Cepeda returned to the house, his truck was empty.

Hudson said the body was found nearby a couple of hours later.

Gina and Fatima Nick said their brother and Cepeda's brother were best friends.

"I was scared and hurt at the same time because we all grew up together in the same neighborhood," Gina Nick said. "It was a good family."

Gina Nick said her brother had been working in construction and laying carpet. He had two daughters, 14-year-old Pasha and 13-year-old Tasia, she said.

His older daughter called him just days before his death to tell him she earned all A's in school, Gina Nick said.

The sisters said their brother was known for his bad singing.

"We always teased him that we were going to put him on American Idol," Fatima Nick laughed.

He would laugh too, when they teased him about his singing; he was always eager to have fun, his sisters said.

"He was loved by a lot of people," Fatima Nick said, motioning to dozens of people who were gathered to wash cars to raise money for his funeral. His family and friends will return to the parking lot of Nichols Park at 5505 Dewey Ave. today to continue to raise money. ..Source.. by JESSICA LOGAN

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