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Friday, March 30, 2007

Dismembered Body Near Utah-Wyoming Line Was Sex Offender

5-9-2005 Utah:

The Summit County Sheriff's Office on Monday identified severed human remains found last month near the Wyoming state line as those of a 50-year-old convicted sex offender.

Chief Deputy Dave Booth said investigators believe John Mayo, of Salt Lake City, had been missing since mid-May or the first part of June.

The department launched a search after a Union Pacific railroad employee found the first body part April 18 on a frontage road while checking track near Interstate 80. Deputies scouring the area over the next five days produced a human torso, two hands, a foot and several bones–but still no head.

Booth said the body was identified after the state crime lab rehydrated Mayo's hands so they could take fingerprints, and verified by medical records checked against a skeleton reassembled from the parts deputies could recover.

Booth said investigators are following up on several leads, but still don't have a motive in the death.

Mayo was convicted of second-degree felony forcible sex abuse in 1991 and listed in the state sex offender registry. ..more.. by KUTV


Man Tells Police Why Sex Offender's Body Was Cut Up

Mark Carlson Gives Utah Authorities Info On Grisly Crime

8-18-2005 Utah:

SALT LAKE CITY -- Mark Allen Carlson, arrested this week for questioning in the slaying and dismemberment of a convicted sex offender, said John Mayo was killed by another man because Mayo sexually abused children.

"He (Carlson) was very cooperative," said Dave Booth, Summit County chief deputy sheriff. "He offered a lot of insight, as we knew he would be able to."

Carlson told a sheriff's detective on Tuesday that Mayo, 49, was killed and dismembered in early June 2004 in Salt Lake City, Booth said. Carlson claims he witnessed the crimes but did not participate.

A Union Pacific railroad employee found the first body part April 18 on a frontage road while checking track near Interstate 80 and the Wyoming border. A search of the area resulted in other body parts being found along a seven-mile stretch of the Interstate. Mayo's head was never found.

Booth said Carlson claimed the perpetrator was a man currently in federal custody in Utah. Booth declined to name the suspect or say whether charges were imminent.

Booth said Carlson claimed the other man killed Mayo because he sexually abused children. Mayo pleaded guilty in November 1991 to forcible sexual abuse. The victim was a child.

Booth said the murderer wasn't driven by vigilantism.

"It was more, 'I just don't like your lifestyle. I don't like what you've done in the past,'" Booth said.

Carlson told the detective that he and the other man were under the influence of methamphetamine at the time of Mayo's death, Booth said.

Booth declined to say how Mayo died, but said he believes Mayo was dead before he was sawed up.

While Carlson said he didn't participate in the killing or dismemberment, he has admitted to disposing of the body parts, Booth said.

He also has told investigators where he and others disposed of Mayo's head, which searchers have not yet found and Booth said "I doubt we ever will." He said the head was discarded in a different location than the other body parts.

Investigators believed Carlson, who also goes by the name "Neptune," had information about the case. The Utah Division of Adult Probation and Parole issued a warrant for him on March 21 for walking away from a halfway house in Salt Lake City. He had been on parole after serving prison time for receiving and transporting a stolen vehicle. Officers with the U.S. Marshals Service apprehended him Tuesday at a West Valley City convenience store.

Carlson has been returned to the prison. ..more.. by The Denver Channel


Details Emerge in Murder, Dismemberment Case

8-17-2005 Utah:

Chief Deputy Dave Booth, Summit County Sheriff's Office: "He's claiming he's not the killer, he did give us the name of the killer."

The Public Enemy Number One busted yesterday shares his story with detectives. When a fugitive team snatched up Mark Allen Carlson 24 hours ago, they turned the key to a year-old murder mystery.

Summit County believed Carlson knew about the murder of John Mayo, whose dismembered body was found along I-80 in Summit County. Until last night investigators did not have a lot to go on in the murder of John Mayo, but Carlson told police where it happened, how it happened and how they disposed of the body.

When agents caught up with Mark Allen Carlson, Summit County was eager to talk to the man who goes by the name "Neptune." Detectives say he gave them what they needed in the murder of John Mayo.

Chief Deputy Dave Booth: "They gleaned just a tremendous amount of information from him; he was very cooperative."

Mayo's dismembered body was found along a frontage road for I-80 not far from the Wyoming border. Carlson's story provided new information and confirmed detectives' theories.

Chief Deputy Dave Booth: "He saw what happened and saw what occurred, and to some extent participated, but he's claiming he's not the killer."

Carlson told investigators the killer and his friends used to hang out with Mayo at his house on Lake Street here in Salt Lake City. Carlson also told investigators that's where the murder happened in May 2004. But Carlson says he did not kill Mayo, even though he did help dispose of the body.

Carlson also told investigators why the man killed Mayo, who was a convicted child molester.

Chief Deputy Dave Booth, Summit County Sheriff's Office: "It was just a simple matter of he didn't didn't appreciate his criminal history, the things he had done, the lifestyle he was living, and decided to put an end to mister mayo."

Police say Carlson is a white supremacist gang member, but they do not think the accused killer has gang ties. Investigators will not name the accused killer but say he was a suspect early in the investigation. Carlson confirmed it.

Chief Deputy Dave Booth: "The information he gave us, matched up with what we found."

The accused killer is in prison on a federal parole violation and is not going anywhere. Summit County Detective will work with Salt Lake City detectives to put together the case. ..Source.. by Jed Boal Reporting

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