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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Port Alberni man implicated in death of pedophile

9-20-1999 Canada:

A Port Alberni woman says her neighbor talked of killing a pedophile days before a body showed up in a creek near her home.
At first RCMP thought Lloyd Dayton died in a cougar attack. But three days after a death an autopsy was done and new information surfaced.

Lloyd Dayton's body was found floating in a creek in a Port Alberni park in 1995. His neck was punctured with claw like slashes. At first investigators thought Dayton was killed by an attacking cougar. But more information surfaced days after he was found dead.

Today in B.C. Supreme Court three of Don Hurrie's friends spoke out. Darryl Schooler says Hurrie came to his house in July of 1995. He says Hurrie told him he had just killed somebody. Schooler says he noticed blood on Hurrie's forehead before he used his bathroom to scrub up.

Another woman says she recalls Hurrie with a large hunting knife in a plastic bag, days after the death.

A third woman describes a meeting she had with Hurrie a man she knew as Donny August. She says he was agitated angry. He stopped by her yard to warn her of a pedophile in the neighborhood.

Trudee McKenzie says she wanted to know more because she feared for her own 7-year-old son, but all Hurrie would say was that a man had done something to his neice or nephew and now he was going to die. ..more.. by CBC News

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