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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Registered sex offender victim of fatal stabbing

UPDATE: Psychologist says registry contributed to death

By Dr. Charlene Steen -- Letters to the Editor
Article Last Updated: 11/27/2007 10:48:49 PM PST

Thanks to the internet registry, which has done nothing to decrease recidivism, a client of mine is dead murdered in Lake County, simply because he was a sex offender whose name and picture were on the registry.

He had recently been released from the hospital after years of treatment. He had changed his life, and, at age 68, had plans for a positive future, family love and support, a job, etc. A man broke into his trailer, stabbed him numerous times someone he didn't even know, only because he was on the registry.

I am sickened, not only because of his murder, but because we have not condemned the stigmatization of offenders through useless laws which will not decrease reoffense, and may even increase offending.

I am sickened by our lack of humanity. How many more such murders will there have to be? Will no one stand up and change these draconian laws which protect no one, and cause pain, suffering, and even death to persons who have committed no new crimes?

Charlene Steen, PhD, Licensed psychologist, Napa ..more..

ORIGINAL REPORT: 11-26-2007 California:
LAKEPORT -- The victim of a homicide last Tuesday morning had served time behind bars for sex offenses he committed prior to 2001, the Lake County Sheriff's Department (LCSD) confirmed. He also was committed to a maximum-security hospital reserved for patients who are categorized as sexually violent predators, mentally ill, not guilty by reason of insanity or incompetent to stand trial.

The murder of Michael A. Dodele, 67, took place in his residence at Lakeport's Western Hills Mobile Home Park on Lakeshore Boulevard. Dodele, who also went by the alias Michael Salta, was dead when deputies arrived shortly after 10 a.m.

"Dodele was a registered sex offender but his status as such has no impact on the manner in which we conduct the investigation," Lake County Sheriff Rodney Mitchell said Monday.

Dodele was convicted by Sonoma County Superior Court on Nov. 29, 2001 for rape by force and oral copulation with a person under 14. He was listed as a registered sex offender on the office of the Attorney General's Megan's Law Web site. Dodele was in compliance with his registration and was listed at the Lakeshore residence where he was found dead.

The only suspect, Ivan Garcia Oliver, 29, was booked on suspicion of murder and parole violation. Oliver had previously been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in San Diego County. No other arrests were made. "We do not anticipate that our investigation will reveal any others (suspects)," Mitchell said.

Witnesses reported hearing the victim and suspect arguing before Oliver was seen leaving Dodele's residence that morning with blood on his hands and clothing. Deputies arrived at Oliver's residence and immediately detained him. At that time, Oliver made several incriminating comments, essentially admitting to attacking Dodele, LCSD said.

Oliver was taken to Sutter Lakeside Hospital and treated for a minor cut on his hand before being booked at LCSD's jail, where he is currently being held.

A knife believed to be the murder weapon was recovered at the scene, according to reports from the Press Democrat. An autopsy set for today will determine the cause of death.

The investigation is ongoing. Mitchell estimates more than 200 staff hours were spent investigating the case. "I am satisfied with the progress of the investigation and proud of the way that my staff has handled this case. I am confident that we will submit a solid case to the district attorney for prosecution," Mitchell said. ..more.. by Elizabeth Wilson at


David L. said...

The Jail Gaurds probaly had something to do with this incident. They thought that this man died from natural causes ya right. Im sure there was shoe prints on his chest and marks on his head. Its time we protect these type of peolpe no one needs to be killed like this. Its an outrage. I am a sex offender and i was wrongfuly convicted but yet i am forced to live in constant worry that this could happen to me . How would you like it if this happened to you or a member in your family. Any one that is accused of a sex offensis almost always found guilty. I was attacked in 2004 and had to prove my inocence. I was found not guilty of the sex crime but found guilty of second degree assault. Just because I had a prior I was attacked . And had to fight sor my safty. Thank You

eAdvocate said...

To David L. Please read the article closer he was killed in his home.

Sorry to hear that you were assaulted, I presume you mean that occurred in jail while waiting for resolution on the other charge?