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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

GA- Follow-Up on Echols County Shooting

Posted in Other Deaths: A strange set of circumstances, but to understand how this is "sex offender related" readers will have to read both stories below:

5-28-2008 Georgia:

Ricky Brown was born and raised in Echols County and enjoys living here.

"A good place to live if you like quietness," Brown says. "That's why it was a shock to everybody."

The "shock" came Sunday night on Lisa Circle. At 10:30, the Echols County Sheriff's Office received a call complaining of loud noises and honking coming from a house owned by Chad Wiggins.

A deputy soon arrived and found Wiggins along with 35-year-old David Coody, Jr. arguing with 67-year-old Billy Corbett.

The Sheriff's Office says Corbett took out a concealed gun and shot Wiggins and Coody, killing them both.

Relatives say Corbett fired the shots because he felt his wife was being threatened.

Carlos Harrell, Corbett's brother-in-law, says, "Anybody out there would. They'd probably do the same."

The Sheriff's Office says that's not true. The deputy had the situation under control when the shots were fired.

Echols County Sheriff Randy Courson says, "The deputy done exactly from what I can tell as he should have."

After Corbett fired the shots, the deputy shot him and Corbett died from his wounds.

Friends and family of the three victims are still in shock.

Don Rea, a friend of Chad Wiggins, says, "This is ridiculous. Those two men who got shot were unarmed."

Cristina McGuire, Corbett's granddaughter says, "We're not coping too good. Grandpa was a big part of this community."

"It doesn't end here," Rea says, "a funeral doesn't end this."

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations is looking into the case as it does all officer-involved shootings.

Sheriff Courson says the deputy involved is on paid leave until the G-B-I completes its investigation. ..News Source.. by John Rogers

Investigation ongoing in Echols shootings
5-28-2008 Georgia:

ECHOLS COUNTY — A feud among neighbors that continued to intensify despite the efforts of Echols County law enforcement may have contributed to the deaths of three men Sunday night.

Echols County Sheriff Randy Courson said that it could be several weeks before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation releases any sort of official report on the domestic dispute gone wrong. He said that the process of conducting autopsies and toxicology tests can be a slow one. He does not know when all of the findings will be made available to his office.

“We just have to wait,” he said.

At 11:28 p.m. Sunday, an Echols County Sheriff’s Office deputy, whose name is being withheld until the GBI investigation has been completed, was sent to address a downed power line, Courson noted. A few minutes later, he received word of a complaint of loud music and shots fired in the 200 block of Lisa Circle. The deputy cleared the power line and then made his way to the neighborhood, which sits some 100 yards from the intersection of Lisa Circle and Tince Road. He arrived on the scene at 11:58 p.m., Courson said.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Courson said that was the only time the deputy had been dispatched to the neighborhood that particular evening.

On the scene, Courson said the deputy addressed the excessive noise issue with the men and women involved. While he was doing so, a verbal dispute occurred between at least one of the women and a next-door neighbor living at 207 Lisa Circle. That dispute soon turned physical, he added.

As the deputy addressed that situation, 67-year-old Billy Corbett of 207 Lisa Circle pulled a small caliber handgun and fatally wounded David Coody Jr., 35, of Lowndes County, and Chad Wiggins, 36, resident of the home with the alleged loud music. Corbett was then shot and killed by the deputy. He was not shot in the back or shot while lying on the ground, contrary to rumors, Courson said.

Earlier this year, Courson said the Corbett family allowed a convicted child molester to move into a single-wide mobile home on their property with their granddaughter. The Corbetts live in a double-wide mobile home on the same tract of land. Their neighbors did not approve of the registered sex offender living near their children and filed complaints with the Echols County Sheriff’s Office.

“I think the bad blood between them pretty much stemmed from that,” Courson shared. “They really didn’t have any problems before that happened — except a dispute a little while back over land and putting up a fence.”

“We tried to address the situation,” he continued. “We increased patrol in the area, but things simply escalated. I understand their concern as they have small children. We could not legally force the man to move to another neighborhood. From day one, he complied with all requirements. He has done everything he was supposed to do.”

Courson said he does not believe the man was on the property when the shootings occurred Sunday.

No charges have been filed at this time in the shooting deaths.

The deputy remains on administrative leave with pay until the investigation has been completed as protocol mandates, Courson said. ..News Source.. by The Moultrie Observer


Anonymous said...

David Lee Coody was an amazing man. i loved him to death. same goes with the rest of my family. he didnt deserve to die. i still think of him and cry when i do.

rest in peace david lee.
thank you for always being there for me. im sorry you couldnt make it to run in the walt disney marathon. i woulda been there to cheer you on. i woulda been funn. i love you cuz.


nina said...

i miss u bubba