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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

UK- Former policeman on child pornography charges stabbed to death

A former police constable who was stabbed to death outside his home had faced pressure from villagers to leave his home after being charged with child pornography offences, it has been disclosed.
6-9-2008 United Kingdom:

Geoffrey Harries, 49, appeared in court in May accused of possessing more than 2,000 indecent images of children, and was due to stand trial next week.

He was stabbed at about 1.45am on Saturday in the street outside his home in the village of Trimsaran, west Wales. He died later in hospital.

Dyfed Powys Police are questioning a 30-year-old man on suspicion of murder.

A neighbour said residents in the village had drawn up a petition demanding he leave, and handed it to him and to police. Mr Harries, who was married to his wife Elizabeth, and was on bail, moved in with his widowed mother in the village as he awaited trial. He was said to have been driven out of a previous address.

Neighbours said Mr Harries had gone out to confront two men who were allegedly slashing his car tyres, and was stabbed several times in the chest.

One said: "He heard a noise and ran out and confronted the men. I don't believe they or any members of their families were ever victims of any crimes committed by Harries.

"But people here felt very strongly that they did not want him living in the area. There are many young families here.

"Some of the locals signed a petition and handed it to him and the police. It demanded his immediate departure from the village, but he refused to go.

"Some of the locals even went to the house on one or more occasions threatening him."

Another resident Christine Davies said: "Many people felt uneasy about the fact that Harries was living in their midst. I was talking to people when I took the bus today and some were saying 'Good riddance'."

She added: "I feel sorry for his mother above all. She is a nice woman and does not deserve this."

Adrian Jones, a local cockle-picker, said: "There is a feeling that he only got as good as he deserved if he is guilty."

Police are trying to establish a motive for the attack. A spokesman said: "The motivation is part of our investigation."

Mr Harries resigned from the Dyfed Powys force in March, after his arrest. He appeared at Cardiff Magistrates' Court in May charged with 15 offences of making indecent images of children between May 2005 and December 2007. He was also facing one charge of possessing indecent images on Nov 26 last year.

He was alleged to have had 2,082 images on his computer. The court heard nine of the images found on the computer were classed as level five, the most serious on the scale.

Mr Harries was released on bail pending a trial which was due to start at Cardiff Crown Court next Monday.

The case was brought following an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. ..News Source.. by Richard Savill


6-10-2008 United Kingdom:

An ex-PC accused of child porn offences has been stabbed to death in a feared vigilante attack.

Married Geoffrey Harries, 49, was knifed repeatedly in the chest as he investigated an early morning disturbance in his drive.

The officer, hounded from his previous home, was due in crown court next week after being found with 2,000 indecent images of children.

It is now suspected he may have been murdered by an attacker revolted by his alleged crimes.

AdvertisementAn elderly neighbour who did not want to be named said yesterday: "A lot of people think that he was targeted, especially because he was a former policeman. It makes you think it was not a random attack."

Resident Christine Davies added: "If he was really guilty of what he was accused, a lot of people round here are saying 'good riddance'."

Harries - who resigned from the Dyfed-Powys force, West Wales, three months ago - had 2,082 child porn images on his police computer.

After being charged with making and possessing images he faced such hostility from locals in his home village of Pembrey, Carmarthen, he moved to Trimsaran three miles away.

But the stain of suspicion followed him and a protest meeting was arranged by residents "uncomfortable" that he was living alongside them. Harries was killed before the meeting could go ahead. A petition was already calling on him to quit the area. One neighbour said: "No one likes having an alleged paedophile in your street."

Harries was attacked early on Saturday. He died five hours later.

Yesterday his home was taped off as police examined the scene.

A family spokesman said last night: "This tragedy marks the end of many months of anguish and heartache.

"Geoff was a gentle man and loving husband and son. At the time of his death he wasn't convicted of any offences and we mourn his loss."

Police said yesterday there was no evidence so far of vigilantism. A man in his 30s is being questioned. ..News Source.. by Geoffrey Lakeman

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I dont know the source of your information but no residents of Trimsaran approached this family about their feelings and tehy certainly did not knock on their front door! This man had NO contact with children and was not considered a threat to society what happened was a result of schoolyard bullying by select neighbours who worked carefully to get others riled up instead of going through appropriate channels and allowing the courts to do their job.

Harries was innocent of what the public have accused him but he will now never have his day in court to prove that.

People should get their facts straight before they put a family through the heartache that these people are now suffering.