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Monday, August 25, 2008

TN- NEW INFORMATION: Sex Accusations Against Dead Pastor

8-25-2008 Tennessee:

Earle, AR -- Eyewitness News Everywhere is uncovering new information about rape and molestation accusations against an Earle pastor who was killed in Memphis, including claims of a cover-up by the COGIC church.

Stories about Pastor Ronald Paige's sexual involvement with teenage boys started surfacing after a confession by his accused killer that aired Tuesday on the cable TV documentary, "First 48".

In the confession, 21 year-old Andre Harris told Memphis homicide detectives that Paige tried to rape him after taking him in off the street. Harris said he stabbed the 50 year-old pastor while fighting him off.

Since the episode aired, the Memphis Police Department and Eyewitness News Everywhere have been in contact with people who claim Paige was molesting young boys at Earle Church of God in Christ as far back as 1984.

Earley Wallace says Paige tried to fondle her son when he was 15 and she accuses the COGIC church of covering it up. Wallace says she spoke with Jurisdictional Bishop L.T. Walker after her son was assaulted and that nothing was ever done. She thinks if the church had done something, Harris wouldn't be up for murder and Paige would still be alive. "I don't think that young man needs to get a whole lot of time for something that could have been avoided," Wallace says.

Eyewitness News Everywhere has made numerous attempts to get a response from high ranking COGIC officials, including Bishop Walker. So far, the calls have gone unanswered. ..News Source.. by My Eyewitness News

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