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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NZ- Court hears of mother's death threat

9-1-2008 New Zealand:

A solo mother accused of murdering a convicted paedophile told friends she was going to kill him after he was found sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl, a court was told.

Glen Stinson was bashed to death in a violent vigilante attack on July 31 last year in Foxton.

It is alleged that two men dealt blows to his head and neck in the savage attack that lasted as little as a minute, while the woman watched on, before leaving him for dead. His battered body was found dumped outside a poultry farm.

The woman, 32, who has name suppression, and Aubrey Harrison, 27, denied charges of murder and appeared in the High Court at Palmerston North yesterday. Mr Harrison's uncle, Bruce Tamatea, 46, has pleaded guilty to the murder.

On the night of the killing the group had been drinking at Tamatea's home, before Mr Stinson was found touching the girl.

His partner of three months, Lesley Moana, found him lying on the bed in the dark, under a blanket, with the girl sitting on his knee. Just three weeks earlier he had been accused of molesting a 15-year-old at the home.

Another woman at the party attacked Mr Stinson and he was pushed down the stairs.

Prosecutor Ben Vanderkolk said the woman "wanted to do more" and told the party she was "going to kill the bastard".

As Ms Moana and Mr Stinson walked back to his boarding house a car stopped and they were forced inside, but Ms Moana was dropped off.

The prosecution said Mr Stinson was kept as a "virtual captive", beaten by the woman as they drove out to Himatangi Beach and back to Foxton. It is alleged he was then punched and kicked to death by Tamatea and Harrison.

Mr Vanderkolk said the injuries were inflicted in more than one minute but less than five, showing the viciousness of the beating.

Mr Stinson had tearfully and pathetically asked them to stop and showed no signs of defending himself. The accused saw the attack as avenging the sexual abuse by killing the paedophile, Mr Vanderkolk said.

Twenty-five witnesses are expected to be called, including the girl abused by Mr Stinson.

Mr Stinson had a history of sex offences against young girls dating back to 1967, and was due to appear in court on four charges, including the attempted rape of a girl under 12, when he was killed. ..News Source.. by KELLY BURNS - The Dominion Post

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