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Friday, October 10, 2008

UK- Strangled paedophile may have been the victim of a vigilante

10-10-2008 United Kingdom:

A convicted paedophile who was found strangled and dumped in a wood may have been the victim of a vigilante attack.

Gordon Boon, 73, was found by walkers who saw his body partly hidden under old fencing panels in an area popular with fly-tippers.

The former cider factory worker, from Norwich, was jailed for six years in December 2001 for indecent assaults on a girl aged eight and two others aged 13.

He had plied one of the 13-year-old girls with alcohol and played strip poker with her, before taking explicit photographs and subjecting her to sexual abuse.

Boon admitted indecent assault and two serious sex offences against the youngster, two assaults on the second girl and one on the third.

But after his case was heard at Norwich Crown Court Judge Paul Downes told him that he had "failed to accept" responsibility for his actions.

He was jailed then placed on the sex offenders register for life and ordered to serve an extended licence of five years on his release. Police would not confirm how long he had been out of prison.

Detectives are keeping an "open mind" about the motive but are looking into the possibility that he could have been killed in a vigilante revenge attack.

A Norfolk Police spokesman said: "His past is a natural line of inquiry."

It is believed Boon, who was married, was reported missing by his son when he failed to meet for a drink as arranged. He was last seen on Friday October 3.

His body was found in Great Witchingham, just yards from the Bernard Matthews turkey factory, at about 12.45pm on Monday October 6. He had one sock and one shoe missing and there was blood around his nose and mouth. A post mortem later found he had been strangled.

Det Ch Insp Steve Strong, of Norfolk Police, said: "The investigation into the death continues and officers are following up a number of lines of inquiry." ..News Source.. by Lucy Cockcroft


Phone and t-shirt of murdered sex offender found in park

10-24-2008 United Kingdom:

documents believed to belong to murdered paedophile Gordon Boon have been recovered from Eaton Park.

Officers carried out a search of the South Park Avenue area found the collection of items near to the tennis courts. The documents included a band card, a rent card and shopping receipts.

The 73-year-old strangled to death and his body was discovered at Rabbit Lane in Great Witchingham on Monday, October 6.

Mr Boon was last seen alive near the Maids Heads Hotel in Norwich on Friday, October 3.

DCI Steve Strong, who is leading the investigation, said: “We'd appeal to anyone who saw this property being discarded in the area to come forward and tell us. You may be someone who found it in another location and moved it, leaving it in the Eaton Park area or you may remember seeing the property lying on the ground while passing the location.”

Police have now reopened up the area of Eaton Park which had been cordoned off as part of the investigation.

DCI Strong added: “At this stage the motive for the murder of Gordon Boon is unclear. It is very important that we catch and charge the person responsible for this crime.

“Your information could lead us to identify the murderer, bring that person to justice and remove a dangerous criminal from our communities. Whilst the public can be reassured that an individual has been arrested, I need the assistance of the public to further this enquiry.”

Detectives are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen Mr Boon in and around Eaton Park between Friday, October 3 and Monday, October 6. Anyone with information should call DCI Strong on 0845 456 4567. ..News Source.. by LUCY BOLTON


Police plea over paedophile murder

10-26-2008 United Kingdom:

A detective leading the investigation into the murder of a 73-year-old paedophile last night pleaded with the public to forget his past, saying: “we cannot allow vigilante rule on our doorstep”.

It has now been more than three weeks since Gordon Boon's body was found discarded beneath a pile of rubbish on Norfolk wasteland but officers are still struggling to piece together exactly what happened.

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and released on bail but Norfolk police's major investigation team admit progress has been slow as potentially key witnesses are reluctant to come forward, apparently lacking sympathy for the registered sex offender.

But Det Chief Insp Steve Strong spoke out to encourage witnesses to speak to the police saying that, no matter what people thought of Mr Boon's past, a dangerous killer is on the loose.

He added: “Whilst I can understand some people's disinterest in this investigation given Mr Boon's history, a murder has been committed and we need to solve this case.

“As things stand a killer whose motive remains unclear is still out there and while they remain at large there must be serious concerns for the public in general. If this person has killed once, they may well kill again and there is nothing to suggest that they don't pose a threat to the rest of the community.

“We cannot live in a vigilante society and law and order must be maintained. Whatever the circumstances, we cannot minimise any murder.”

Mr Strong added that, as well as being put off coming forward by concerns about Mr Boon's past, some witnesses may be under the mistaken belief that because an arrest as been made, the case has been solved.

He said: “We have identified a suspect but we need as much evidence as possible if we are to bring a successful prosecution and get this person off our streets.”

Mr Boon, of Westwick Street, Norwich, was found dead on October 6 at Rabbit Lane, Great Witchingham. He had been strangled and buried beneath fence panels and a car wheel.

Police say the isolated spot is regularly frequented by dog walkers, horse riders, fly-tippers and couples. They are keen to speak to whoever may have dumped the items used to bury Mr Boon - and have promised immunity from prosecution to any fly-tippers who come forward.

The victim was last seen near the Maids Head Hotel in Norwich on October 3 and it is thought he died that day or the following day.

Property belonging to Mr Boon has since been found in the Eaton Park area and officers would like to speak to anybody who saw him during his final days.

Mr Strong said: “We need to hear from friends, acquaintances or anybody who knew Mr Boon in anyway. Even if you don't think you have any information that can help, you may have one small detail which could prove crucial.”

Contact the major investigation team at Norfolk police 0845 4564567 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. ..News Source.. by BEN KENDALL


Norwich sex offender murder accused had killed before


A man accused of strangling a man in Norfolk had been jailed in the 1980s for killing a teenage boy, Norwich Crown Court has heard.

Jurors were told Royston Jackson, 43, of Pettus Road, Norwich, was convicted of murdering Stephen Raven in Dagenham in 1989.

He denies murdering Gordon Boon, 73, a convicted sex offender, in 2008.

His body was found under fence panels in a remote lane near Great Witchingham, the court heard.

Partially clothed

The men met at a bail hostel in Norwich following Mr Jackson's release from prison and both had moved out to separate properties shortly before Mr Boon's death.

Prosecutor Timothy Spencer QC said Mr Jackson murdered Mr Boon by strangulation on 3 October.

His partially clothed body was found three days later.

"This defendant drove the dead body to the remote location, dumped it and then covered it with some fence panels - no doubt in an attempt to cover it up for a short while at least," he added.

He told the jury that only Mr Jackson knew why Mr Boon was killed.

"We suggest that a possible motive is that there is some sort of sexual overtone given Mr Boon's state of undress," he added.

"We know that Royston Jackson had made sexual approaches to other males he had been at the hostel with, which had been rebuffed."

Speaking of Mr Jackson's earlier conviction, Mr Spencer said: "There are a number of important similarities between the death of Stephen Raven and Gordon Boon.

"Both were males - of course there is a big difference in age - Stephen Raven showed signs of attempted strangulation and we know how Gordon Boon was killed.

"Stephen Raven's clothing had been interfered with; although he was wearing clothes, they had clearly been taken off prior to his killing because his underpants had been put on inside out and back to front.

"Both men had been dumped in remote country lanes."

The trial continues. ..Source.. by BBC

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