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Saturday, March 7, 2009

TX- Police Release Names of Officers Involved in Fatal Shooting (of registered sex offender)

8-11-2008 Texas:

Beaumont Police have released the names of two officers involved in the fatal shooting of a man who, according to witnesses, lunged at the officers after cutting several vehicles with a large grilling fork.

Officer Jared Smith shot and killed Daniel Hough, 39, at about 7 p.m. Friday, according to Ofc. Crystal Holmes with the Beaumont Police Department. Holmes says Hough was behaving irrationally, slashing at vehicles and people near the parking lot of the Dollar General Store at Calder and 1st.

Sgt. Stephen Perricone was on the scene and used a taser in an attempt to stop Hough. Ofc. Holmes says the taser had no impact on Hough.

Smith, 30, has been with the Beaumont Police Department since January 4, 2007.

Perricone, 49, became an officer in the Beaumont Police Department on January 27, 1997.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave with pay, which is standard procedure in a fatal shooting involving police.

Ofc. Holmes says several witnesses provided statements corroborating the officers' version of events and indicating they did everything possible to get Hough to stop before using force against him.

Watch KFDM News for more on the story.

(News Release from Beaumont Police)

This evening around 7:00 p.m. BPD dispatch received several calls in reference to a Hispanic male slashing at people and vehicles with a knife. According to several people in the parking lot of the Dollar General Store on Calder near First street, after the suspect had slashed and stabbed at them, he left walking on Calder. No one was injured. Several callers advised that he had struck their vehicles with his weapon causing damage. One of the victims, a Beaumont woman, called 911 and stayed on her cell phone, giving locations of the suspect to dispatchers.

Officers located the suspect on Laurel at 2nd street. Officers verbally attempted to calm the man down to no avail. The suspect turned toward one of the Officers and lunged at him with the weapon. The Officer fired one round from a short distance, striking the suspect in the chest. He was deceased on scene. Judge Vi McGinnis pronounced him deceased and ordered an autopsy.

The man had no identification on him but Crime Scene Investigators took his fingerprints at the scene and cross referenced a match. The suspect is a 39 year old Beaumont man. His name will not be released pending notification of next of kin.

The weapon used turned out to be a large grilling fork used to pierce meat on a grill. It was seized as evidence and turned into the property division.

Several witnesses were taken to the Beaumont Police Department for statements. As per Departmental Procedure, the officer will be placed on Administrative Leave with pay pending the outcome of the investigation. The investigation continues.

(previous story)

Beaumont Police have released the name of a Beaumont man who was shot and killed last night by one of their officers.

Police say 39 year Daniel Hough of Beaumont was behaving erratically and lunged at the officer in a threatening manner.

That officers name is not being released at this time.

KFDM News has also learned Hough was a registered sex offender in Beaumont.

Police say the shooting happened after they got a call of a man acting strangely near Calder and First and was lunging at cars with a knife.

He'd struck a truck and damaged it.

The driver followed Hough who was on foot and kept dispatchers informed of his location.

Authorities caught up with Hough near Laurel and Second Street, and when officers approached he lunged at one of them in a threatening manner.

Police say the officer was forced to shot Hough once in the chest.

TX- Man shot by cop might have been sex offender

8-10-2008 Texas:

BEAUMONT - A man shot by police Friday night might have been a registered sex offender.

Police identified the slain man as 39-year-old Daniel Hough of Beaumont.

According to a Department of Public Safety database, a 39-year-old man named Daniel Hough was listed as a sex offender in Beaumont.

The database lists the man as being deceased.

Hough was shot Friday after lunging at a police officer with a barbecue fork, according to a previous Enterprise story.

A witness had reported that Hough was behaving erratically; slashing at cars with what she thought was a knife along a stretch of Calder Avenue.

Officers caught up with Hough near Laurel and Second Street and commanded him to cooperate.

"He was extremely irrational and then lunged after one of the officers," Beaumont Police Department spokeswoman Officer Crystal Holmes said Friday.

Hough was shot in the chest after lunging at one of the officers, who has not been identified.

Police weren't saying Saturday whether the man was mentally ill or on drugs at the time of the incident.

The officer who shot the man has been placed on administrative leave. ..News Source.. by SARAH MOORE

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