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Monday, March 9, 2009

UK- Man stabbed former policeman to death boasting 'I'm going to get that paedo'.

1-29-2009 United Kingdom:

A man stabbed a former policeman facing child pornography charges to death in a vigilante-style attack after boasting he was "going to get that paedo", a court heard.

Daniel Williams, 30, dressed in a black hooded top and armed himself with a combat knife before travelling to the home of Geoffrey Harries where he launched the attack.

The court heard how Mr Williams slashed the tyres of Mr Harries car before the former officer came outside. It was then he attacked him.

Paul Thomas QC, prosecuting, said Mr Harries, 49, resigned from Dyfed Powys Police, west Wales, after being charged with downloading indecent images of children from the internet.

As he awaited trial he and his wife Elizabeth left their home in Pembrey, west Wales, to live with his mother in Trimsaran 12 miles away.

Other residents including Mr Williams, who lived seven doors away with his brother Chad, were unhappy at Mr Harries' arrival, the court heard.

On the night of the attack, police stopped the brothers as they left a pub and Chad was arrested for drinking and driving, the court heard.

Mr Williams became agitated, and he alluded to Mr Harries' address, before shouting: "That paedo is going to get it," said Mr Thomas. "I tell you I am going to get him."

Police were sufficiently concerned to put a patrol car near Mr Harries' mother's home. It left after 30 minutes because it seemed "quiet and calm."

The court heard Mr Williams changed into a black hooded top, and armed himself with a combat knife. Mrs Harries looked out of the bedroom window to see Mr Williams slashing the tyres of her husband's car.

Mr Harries, wearing slippers and glasses and suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, went outside. "Within a few minutes he was bleeding to death," said Mr Thomas.

After his arrest Williams denied, in 12 interviews, being involved.

But when tests showed Mr Harries' blood on his clothing he "changed his defence" and claimed he had been defending himself and had forgotten he had had a knife in his hand.

Mr Thomas said Mr Harries' arrest was "irrelevant" to the case. "It is understandably repulsive in the minds of right thinking people.

"What images he may have had, however flawed an individual he was, Geoffrey Harries was still human and no-one had the right to kill him.

"Society rightly condemns anyone who has such images on his computer. Had he lived he would have received the appropriate punishment from a court of law.

"That is the only way a civilised society can operate. The other is the way to lawlessness," added Mr Thomas.

Mr Williams denies murder

The trial continues. ..News Source.. by Richard Savill

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