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Monday, May 11, 2009

FL- Tampa man faces charge in nephew's fatal stabbing

1-8-2007 Florida:

The two men had been arguing constantly and loudly in recent days.

TAMPA - Things at 3308 E Mohawk Ave. started going downhill after Elizabeth Kendrick went to the hospital on New Year's Day.

Cars cluttered her driveway. People came and left at all hours. The two men who lived there argued constantly, so loudly the neighbors sometimes awoke.

Then, just after 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon, police said, 58-year-old Edwin Kendrick stabbed his nephew, 33-year-old Randy Harrelson in the side with a steak knife during a front yard brawl.

Harrelson collapsed, bleeding. Kendrick walked toward the corner stop sign and stood there, then walked some more. Officers arrested him a few blocks away.

After an ambulance rushed Harrelson to Tampa General Hospital, Elizabeth Kendrick's granddaughter, Yvette Bynum, waited by the police tape with her cell phone for word from the emergency room.

The sun had set when Bynum's phone rang.

"Oh, my God!" she screamed. "He's dead. Jesus Christ." Bynum fell to the ground, her daughter crouched next to her.

Relatives ran from across the street, where they had gathered. "Tell me my cousin ain't dead," one said, and he threw a bottle.

As Bynum contemplated how to tell 82-year-old Elizabeth Kendrick what happened at her house, a Tampa police homicide team snapped photos.

Edwin Kendrick would be charged, Lt. Jill Kwiatkowski said, but the charges had not been determined Sunday night.

Edwin Kendrick has an extensive criminal record, including battery, aggravated assault and possession of cocaine.

Harrelson was on house arrest when he was killed. He also had a lengthy record, with charges including drug possession and sexual battery.

Bynum said she knew something bad was bound to happen at that house, and forbade her daughter to hang out there while Elizabeth Kendrick was gone. But she never thought it would come to killing.

"We're family," Bynum said. "Family don't do this." ..Source.. by ALEXANDRA ZAYAS


Man Claims Self-Defense; Murder Charge Tossed

12-3-2008 Florida:

TAMPA - A judge today dismissed a second-degree murder charge against a man who said he killed his nephew in self-defense.

Edwin Allen Kendrick, 60, was charged with fatally stabbing Randall Marquayne Harrelson, 33, on Jan. 7, 2007.

Kendrick was on trial this week, but Judge Manuel Lopez dismissed charges, saying the state could not rebut the self-defense claim. Pam Bondi, spokeswoman for the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office, said prosecutors argued that the jury should decide the case.

Harrelson and Kendrick had been arguing, police said, and the day before the killing, Kendrick punched his nephew, a registered sexual offender, in the mouth. ..Source.. by ELAINE SILVESTRINI | The Tampa Tribune

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