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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WVa inmate charged with killing fellow prisoner

The second and third news stories explain more about the violent nature of Joshua Welty Whitehair. However, why the prosecutor charged him with "premeditated murder" makes us wonder if there is even more to this case which is not part of the news articles.
9-22-2009 West Virginia:

WEST UNION, W.Va. (AP) -- An inmate at the North Central Regional Jail has been charged with killing another prisoner.

State Police charged 21-year-Joshua Welty Whitehair of Morgantown with premeditated murder on Monday.

Whitehair is accused of killing 43-year-old Darryl Eugene Burton on Sept. 15 after the two men argued while eating breakfast in a common area.

According to the criminal complaint, Whitehair punched and kicked Burton several times and then pushed him backward. Burton fell and hit his head on a block wall.

A state medical examiner determined that Burton died from head injuries.

Burton was serving 10 to 20 years on a child sexual abuse conviction in Harrison County. Whitehair is serving one to five years on an unlawful assault conviction. ..Source.. by Charlston Daily Main

UPDATE: State Police: Inmate Died From Head Injuries

9-17-2009 West Virginia:

GREENWOOD -- A North Central Regional Jail inmate died from head injuries, investigators say.

Darryl Burton, 43, of Clarksburg, died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital, after getting into a fight with Joshua Whitehair, 21, of Morgantown, according to Corporal Mark Waggamon of the West Virginia State Police.

The West Virginia Office of the Chief Medical Examiner completed Burton's autopsy today, Waggamon says.

The fight happened just after 6:30 Tuesday morning in section F8 of the jail, according to Waggamon.

Waggamon will meet with Doddridge County Prosecuting Attorney Brooke Fitzgerald Friday to discuss the charges Whitehair will face.

Whitehair was in the jail on charges of malicious assault, unlawful assault, and probation violation, according to State Police Sergeant Michael Baylous.

Morgantown Police arrested Whitehair last October for allegedly stabbing his mother in the side after an argument.

At the time of that arrest, officers said Whitehair was already on probation on a different malicious wounding charge.

Burton was sentenced to ten to twenty years in March for sexual abuse by parent, guardian, or custodian, according to Joe Thornton, Deputy Cabinet Secretary for the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, and wouldn't have been eligible for parole until October 26, 2018.

Thornton's department is also conducting an internal investigation to look into how the jail handled the incident.

"When you're in a jail situation, inmates will be around each other," Thornton says. "It's virtually impossible to prevent any kind of altercation." ..Source.. by Jessika Lewis (See Comments following story on that site)

Police: W.Va. man stabs mother, asks her to follow him so he could bury her

10-29-2008 West Virginia:

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- A West Virginia man is accused of stabbing his mother, then asking her to follow him into the woods so he could bury her if she died.

Fifty-seven-year-old Lilly May Whitehair survived the Oct. 15 attack. Her son, 20-year-old Joshua Welty Whitehair was in court Monday, charged with malicious wounding.

Monongalia County Sheriff's Deputy N.C. DeMedici says Whitehair got into an argument with his mother after coming home irate over a situation with his girlfriend.

DeMedici says Whitehair hit his mother on the head with a bottle of O'Doul's nonalcoholic beer, then punctured one of her lungs with a nearly 7-inch kitchen knife.

After trying to get his mother to follow him into the woods, Whitehair apologized and professed his love for her. ..Source.. by

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