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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sex Offender Dies After Arlington Police Use Taser

1-18-2010 Virginia:

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) -- Right on the Metro platform at the Pentagon City metro station, a struggle took place just after 8 p.m. Sunday.

"The suspect was aggressive with the officer," said Detective Crystal Nosal with Arlington Police.

An Arlington police officer spotted 36-year-old William Randolph Bumbrey of D.C., who was wanted for larceny in connection with a local pharmacy.

"When the officer spotted him, he asked him to stop; the suspect became combative," said Nosal.

That's when the officer called for help.

"While the officer and suspect were alone, the suspect was still fighting. The officer deployed his taser, and the suspect continued to fight with the officer," said Nosal.

A second officer arrived and handcuffed the suspect. As standard procedure for taser deployment, the officers called for medics. Nosal says the suspect than began to have labored breathing. When medics transported him to the hospital, Bumbrey was pronounced dead.

Bumbrey was released from prison two years ago after being convicted of a sex offense and other crimes. Police say they recovered items on Bumbrey believed to have been stolen from the pharmacy.

One Metro passenger, Shawn Butler, believes police officers should not carry tasers: "I know he has a checkered pass, but to be tasered because of shoplifting and then die? That's crazy."

The medical examiner will determine if the taser had any affect on Bumbrey's death.

The Arlington Police Department is investigating the death of William Bumbrey.

The officer who used the taser is on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. ..Source.. by Peggy Fox


Man Dies After Being Tasered by Police

2-7-2010 Virginia:

ARLINGTON, Va. - There are new questions after a man died during a struggle with police at a busy Metro stop.

Officers used a Taser on the man after he wouldn't cooperate at Pentagon City.

Arlington police are investigating their first-ever police-involved death involving a Taser.

The man, identified as 36-year-old William Bumbrey, a District resident, was struck with a Taser during a struggle with police.

Sources say Bumbrey, who appears on South Carolina's sex offender registry, had stolen several items from the Rite Aid pharmacy on South Hayes Street as it closed Sunday night.

A spokeswoman says an Arlington police officer saw a man matching the suspect's description, complete with pharmacy items in hand, and ordered him to stop. Police say Bumbrey ignored the officer's orders to stop.

"The suspect became combative and fought with the officer," said Det. Crystal Nosal, an Arlington County police spokesperson.

Sources say the scuffle between the officer and Bumbrey carried over into an elevator. A second officer came in. Bumbrey was handcuffed and he then starting having breathing problems.

Bumbrey was pronounced dead at the hospital. Arlington police use the Taser-brand X-26.

We tried to contact Bumbrey's father, but we're told he was dealing with the medical examiner and other such matters. We're still awaiting word from the ME on the exact cause of death.

Both officers remain on routine paid administrative leave. ..Source.. Markham Evans

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