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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Senior found strangled and beaten identified as Robert Moncrief, 65

9-28-2010 Ohio:

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cuyahoga County coroner's office has identified the man found dead Friday at a public-housing high-rise at East 13th Street and Superior Avenue in Cleveland.

Robert Moncrief, 65, was asphyxiated with a ligature and beaten on the head, according to Cuyahoga County Coroner Frank Miller.

Police have not released information about the investigation.

Moncrief, who lived at the Ernest J. Bohn Tower, was the second older man discovered killed in eight days at Cleveland subsidized housing for seniors.

On Aug. 26, the body of 87-year-old Phillip Gossett was found in his fifth-floor apartment in Lupica Towers on Community College Avenue. He, too, was beaten and strangled.

Gossett's case remains under investigation. Police said they do not believe the homicides are connected. ..Source.. by Amanda Garrett, The Plain Dealer

Further research on Robert Moncrief

Notice that Amanda Garrett (Reporter from the Plain Dealer [see above]), in response to a comment from Born2Hang [below, copied from comments following article], admitted she knows that Robert Moncrief was a registered sex offender. Accordingly this qualifies for our blog.

Comment by: Born2Hang on 9-4:

Question: Was his muder in any way related to the fact that Moncrief is a registred sex offender from some 1989 sex crimes against children in Alabama?

"THE VICTIMS WERE HIS DAUGHTERS AND STEPDAUGHTER AGES 8,10,12.SENTENCED TO 3 YEARS IN PRISON AND 7 1/2 YEARS IN PAROLE. " See the sex offender list at either the Cuyahoga County Sheriff web site, or the list at the Ohio Attorney General's site called eSORN.

his description: "GLASSES; SCAR - on throat; SCAR ON BACK - lower back; DENTURES, UPPER; TATTOO ON LEFT ARM - upper arm a little devil w/'raise hell"; TATTOO ON LEFT ARM - lower arm a black panther; TATTOO ON RIGHT ARM - inside lower park of arm a naked woman; DEAF IN RIGHT EAR"

His classification: "(Pre AWA) Habitual Sex Offender With Notification"

Did he harm someone else's child? Did a past vitcim come after him?

It seems pretty personal when someone is strangled to death. But, then again, the other senior citizen was strangled, too, so maybe it is someone preying on these senior citizens' homes. I just thought it was interesting that a habitual sex offender who victimized kids met this fate, and wondered if someone was out for revenge against him.

Obviously no one has to a right to murder someone for their past crimes.

Comment by Amanda Garrett, The Plain Dealer:

FYI: I am aware of his criminal history and had already posed this question to both police and CMHA. Moreover, I have asked whether felons and/or sex offenders are eligible for CMHA housing. I am awaiting those answers.

Later article on who was arrested for Robert Moncrief's murder

Bank robbery suspect Lateeshia Scott charged with murder of Robert Moncrief

CLEVELAND -- A 32-year-old Cleveland woman suspected of robbing four area banks is now accused of murdering a 65-year-old man who was found dead in his apartment earlier this month.

Lateeshia Scott has been charged with the murder of Robert Moncrief at his 12th-floor apartment at the Ernest J. Bohn Tower, 1300 Superior Ave., according to Cleveland police.

Moncrief was found on Sept. 3. He had been strangled and beaten on the head, according to the Cuyahoga County coroner's office.

Scott appeared in Cleveland Municipal Court on Monday. Bond was set at $4 million.

Scott was wanted for robbing a U.S. Bank on West 25th Street on Sept. 4, a Key Bank branch on Broadway on Sept. 14, a Key Bank branch on West 25th on Sept. 17 and a Charter One Bank branch on Euclid Avenue on Sept. 20.

According to court documents, Scott has been charged with only one count of aggravated robbery at this point.

Police arrested Scott at a four-suite building on East 83rd Street on Sept. 22. She was found hiding behind a washer and dryer in a laundry room.

Scott told authorities at the time of her arrest that she was seven months pregnant and was high on crack cocaine, according to Deputy U.S. Marshal Brian Koerbel. ..Source.. by Tonya Sams, The Plain Dealer

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