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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Teen drowned vicar after 'sex abuse'

9-2-2010 United Kingdom:

A UK teenager drowned an 81-year-old vicar and chopped up his body because the man sexually abused him, a court has heard.

Christopher Hunnisett is accused of drowning Ronald Glazebrook in his bathtub before scattering his body parts in nearby forests when he was 17 years old in 2001, the Daily Mail reported.

Reverend Glazebrook offered Hunnisett accommodation at his home in East Sussex in southern England after finding out the boy was having problems with his parents.

But the teenager's friendship with the vicar soon deteriorated, with Hunnisett taking to physically abusing Reverend Glazebrook, force-feeding him and removing light bulbs around the house.

Prosecutors said Reverend Glazebrook wanted Hunnisett out of the home, leading to the killing.

Hunnisett told an earlier trial in 2002 there was nothing sexual about the relationship with Reverend Glazebrook, a position he has changed after his original conviction was quashed.

In the original trial Hunnisett said he had woken up to discover Reverend Glazebrook had drowned in his bath.

In the retrial, taking place at Lewes Crown Court, Hunnisett said he knocked Reverend Glazebrook into the bathtub while fending off a sexual advance, before panicking and cutting up the body.

He then tried to dispose of the body with the help of friend Jason Groves.

The trial continues. ..Source.. by Staff

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