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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Police Make Arrest In March Slaying

This man was killed because his status a a FSO was revealed to the Landlord by the police doing a address check. i.e. Killed by Law case
12-17-2010 Nevada:

David Morrison, 30, Was Convicted Sex Offender

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas Metro police arrested a man on Tuesday in connection with the slaying of David Morrison, 30, in March.

Police arrested George "Goofy" Casanova and booked him for murder, robbery, burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Police said Morrison was found dead in an upstairs bedroom at 6121 Edgewood Circle on March 22.

Morrison had lived there since the beginning of the month with several roommates.

Police said the day before Morrison was killed, a detective with Metro's sex offender unit had stopped by the house to speak with Morrison, a registered sex offender. The detective told police that no one was home when he visited, so he left a card at the door.

When Donald Clewell, one of the roommates, returned home and found the card, he gave the card to Jose "Rascal" Calderon, police said.

Pascal, in turn, gave the card to James "Chip" Fragala, who is employed by the owner of the house to collect rent, police said.

Clewell told police that Fragala disliked that Morrison was a sex offender because he has a teenage daughter. He said he overheard a conversation between Fragala and Calderon that talked about Morrison and "taking him out," police said.

A few days after Morrison's death, Fragala overheard Casanova speaking on the phone about fighting with a "chomo," prison slang for a child molester.

Fragala's girlfriend, Andrea Raney, said she had dropped Casanova outside of Morrison's home the day after his death, and when he returned, he was "as white as a ghost," police said.

Casanova, who failed a polygraph test, said someone else had hit Morrison on the head several times and he had returned to the house as Morrison lay dying to steal his wallet and cell phone, police said. ..Source.. FOX5 News

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