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Friday, March 11, 2011

Warren police question son, 34, found in attic after slaying of father, 61

3-3-2011 Michigan:

A man authorities believe killed his father this morning was found hiding in the attic of the family’s Warren home and is now in custody, police said this afternoon.

Police hadn't been sure the son, identified as Jason Kinnie, 34, was in the home or whether he fled after the killing of his father, Donald Kinnie, at the home on the 30200 block of Madison Avenue near Warren’s city hall complex.

Police found Donald Kinnie, 61, with significant head trauma in a first-floor bathroom at the home this morning. Police said a friend told police that Jason Kinnie told him he killed his father.

Kinnie was arrested and taken to the Warren jail for interrogation, Warren Deputy Police Commissioner Louis Galasso said. Kinnie wasn’t armed, but police said they found an empty gun holster in the home.

Galasso said the head trauma was so extensive that police aren’t sure whether a weapon was used, or what kind it may have been.

The Kinnies were no strangers to the Warren Police, who had been called to the home before for disputes between the father and son. Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green said the son had mental health issues and his father had him involuntarily committed for evaluation in 2004.

Donald Kinnie, meanwhile, was convicted in 2007 of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct with a person age 13-15 and was on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, online state records show. Additional details about the conviction weren’t immediately available.

Neighbors knew of the conviction and were leery of Kinnie, said Bonnie Hessling of Sterling Heights, who was looking after her mother who lives across the street from the victim. Hessling said neighbors had passed around photos of Kinnie from his entry on the sex offenders database.

Hessling said the father and son fought often, and she described the two as “just angry people.” Little things including parking too close to his driveway would set the father off, Hessling said.

“There was always something going on,” she said. “There was always fighting. Just little things like that always seemed to bother them.”

Police initially weren’t sure whether Jason Kinnie fled – his red Ford Explorer was not at the home – but police suspected he may have never left. He’d told his mother in a phone call that he’d killed his father and that he could hear police outside the family home.

Green said State Police and Sterling Heights SWAT officers were called in to help with the search. State Police brought equipment with cameras and heat detection to search hard-to-reach areas of the home.

Green said a small opening to the attic was ajar in a closet in the home, and there was insulation on the floor. There also were dents in the ceiling drywall indicating someone had stepped on it.

“Logic just told us he’s got to be in the house,” Green said.

Green said Warren’s SWAT team was getting ready for training today, with its officers at the city hall complex a block from the home “literally putting their gear on when this homicide took place.”

The team used tear gas and flash-bang grenades to try and flush Jason Kinnie from the home, Green said, but ultimately coaxed him out after the search gear from the State Police confirmed he was hiding in the attic.

The search for Jason Kinnie led school officials to lock down Cromie Elementary and Warren Cousino High as a precaution. ..Source.. MATT HELMS and PEGGY WALSH-SARNECKI, DETROIT FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER

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