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Saturday, February 25, 2012

First-degree murder charge filed against Kingman man; parts of victim found in desert

11-28-2011 Arizona:

KINGMAN, Ariz. -- A Kingman man accused of killing and dismembering a man he believed had molested his daughter has been jailed on charges that include first-degree murder.

George Loader, 34, was arrested Wednesday after a family member called the Mohave County sheriff's office to report that Loader had killed a man named "John" in the garage of a house in the 2200 block of East Devlin Avenue, police said. The relative said Loader and his girlfriend had been staying at the house while his mother was in Colorado.

The relative told police that Loader said he "lost it" when his 3-year-old daughter told him that "John" had touched her inappropriately, said Detective Jason Elsbury. The relative also told police that Loader said he chopped up the corpse, placed the body parts in bags and dumped them near a dirt track on the outskirts of Kingman.

A deputy found the body parts in the area. Police also recovered evidence at the house that included a bag of human hair, a box of blood-soaked towels and rags, multiple knives and a shotgun.

"The remains were badly burned, and the victim had been decapitated and had limbs removed from his torso," court documents stated.

The victim recently was released from jail and was living with Loader.

Spokeswoman Trish Carter said the sheriff's office was withholding the victim's identity until the medical examiner's office could positively identify the remains. ..Source.. by Dave Hawkins


Murder victim ID'd, molestation claims unproven

12-4-2011 Arizona:

Investigators with the Mohave County Sheriff's Office said they have been unable to substantiate claims made by a murder suspect that he killed a man because he molested his young daughter.

Although forensic identification of the body is still pending, the Sheriff's Office released the victim's name as John Oppenheim, a 41-year-old Fort Mohave man. Oppenheim was reportedly staying with George Loader, 34, following his release from jail on assault charges stemming from an incident earlier this summer involving his roommate, and resisting arrest.

Though he has not spoken with authorities, a search warrant sought by authorities indicates that Loader made statements to a family member saying that he had killed Oppenheim in a rage after Loader's 3-year-old daughter complained to him of being inappropriately touched. Sheriff's Spokeswoman Trish Carter said detectives have been unable to find evidence substantiating the claim and believe that it did not happen.

Oppenheim is believed to have been killed Nov. 22 but his dismembered and burned body was not discovered until the following day when a person with knowledge of the crime called authorities to report where the body had been dumped.

Loader was indicted last week by a grand jury on first-degree murder charges. ..Source.. by Erin Taylor, Miner Staff Reporter


Loader Pleads Not Guilty In Ft. Mohave Murder Case

12-12-2011 Arizona:

A Kingman man charged in the murder and dismemberment of a Fort Mohave resident pled not guilty during his arraignment Monday. George Loader, 34, is charged with misconduct involving weapons, abandoning a body and first degree murder in thelate November slaying of 51-year-old John Oppenheim.

Court records indicate Loader told a relative he killed Oppenheim suspecting Oppenheim molested his three-year-old daughter. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office has reported its investigation determined the suspicion was unfounded.

Loader is held without bond in the Mohave County jail pending a Thursday hearing to review release conditions. More case specifics could emerge during the hearing. ..Source.. by AZI


Testimony: Single shotgun blast fatal in Kingman dismemberment case

12-18-2011 Arizona:

Authorities say a man killed over what a father has said was retaliation for molesting his daughter was shot in the face before he was dismembered.

The disclosure was made during a hearing Thursday in which Mohave Superior Court Judge Steven Conn said 34-year-old George Loader would continue to be held without bond in the first-degree murder case.

Mohave County Sheriff's Detective Jason Elsbury said Loader and the victim, John Oppenheim, are believed to have met while housed together in the same pod at the Mohave County Jail. Both were released and Oppenheim, 51, was staying with Loader, his girlfriend, their four children and some of Loader's relatives when he was reportedly killed at the home Nov. 22.

Elsbury testified Thursday that Loader's girlfriend said she was changing their 3-year-old daughter's diaper when she noticed a red spot. When she asked the girl what happened, she reportedly pointed at Oppenheim.

The girlfriend told detectives she told Loader about the girl's complaint and saw Loader go into the garage to confront Oppenheim before hearing a "bang," presumably the gunshot.

Elsbury said the Medical Examiner's Office said Oppenheim was shot once in the lower jaw and neck area. He did not specify how the body was dismembered but said investigators found a bloody saw along with bloody clothing and a bag of human hair in the garage.

Loader's girlfriend reportedly admitted to helping clean up the blood in the garage but she is not believed to have helped move the body to a dirt bike track off of Bank Street where the remains were dumped and set on fire. A canister of lighter fluid was found alongside the body, which had been beheaded and had its limbs removed.

All of the remains were found at the dirt bike track with the exception of the fingers, which have still not been found.

Elsbury said that after the murder was called in to authorities by an anonymous caller who was later determined to be a Loader family member, a search warrant was served at Loader's home at 3 a.m. Nov. 24. A 12-gauge pump shotgun believed to be the murder weapon was found in a drawer in his bedroom. The four children in the home were removed at that time and remain in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Elsbury said an examination by a nurse trained in examining sexual assault victims found no evidence that the 3-year-old girl had been molested. Detectives were also unable to corroborate the information in interviews with the girl.

Prosecutor Greg McPhillips said the Mohave County Attorney's Office is reviewing if Loader's girlfriend will face charges. He added that his office has until February to decide whether to pursue the death penalty against Loader. ..Source.. by Erin Taylor, Miner Staff Reporter

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