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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Detective Says Pair Admitted To "Humiliation" Of "Old Man" For Allegedly Touching Child Inappropriately

8-21-2012 Georgia:

A city detective testified Tuesday that Jennifer Hatfield-Streeval, 32, and John E Moncier, 28, admitted to carrying out the "humilation" of "an old man" for allegedly inappropriately touching Ms. Hatfield-Streeval's daughter.

However, detective Luke Fuller said he talked with the child and she never mentioned being touched by 76-year-old Garner Isbill in the incident on March 18 at Motel 6, 7300 Lee Highway.

He said Ms. Hatfield-Streeval and Moncier admitted dragging the victim down a set of concrete steps and then stripping and beating him. He was found naked in a pool of blood. He later died in a hospital at Rome, Ga.

General Sessions Court Judge Christie Sell bound charges of criminal homicide, attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault to the Grand Jury against the pair. They remain in custody.

Detective Fuller said Ms. Hatfield-Streeval told him that another woman at the scene informed her that Isbill had touched the daughter in a private area while she had gone down the hall to get an extra chair.

He said she stated that she punched him in the face, knocking him down. Then she dragged him out of the room and down the stairs before she and Moncier administered the kicking and stomping.

He said Ms. Hatfield-Streeval said his clothes were taken off to add to the "humiliation."

The detective said he found one of the victim's boots at the scene and it had blood on the sole. He said he inferred that it was also used in the attack.

He said Moncier also gave a statement and acknowledged helping carry out the beating.

The motel manager said he walked up and saw Moncier stomping the victim. He said he dialed 911.

Jody Hughan, girlfriend of Moncier who is pregnant with his child, said after she and Ms. Hatfield-Streeval returned with the chair, the girl told her that "she had been touched by the old man" between her legs. She said she relayed that information to Ms. Hatfield-Streeval and she told her to take the child off and she would "take care of the old man." She said she looked back and saw him being dragged down the stairs.

She said she later saw Moncier kicking the victim. She told him they should leave, and they headed for his brother's house in Cleveland, Tn. But she said they returned to the motel room when Ms. Hatfield-Streeval called and said everything was okay. She said the victim was still lying naked outside the motel when they returned. His clothes had been thrown nearby.

The witness said his face "was demolished" and he was breathing in an odd way.

Formerly of Bryant, Ala., Garner Isbill lived most of his life in Chattanooga and had lived the past year in Resaca, Ga. He was a United States Navy veteran having served during the Korean War.

Ms. Hughan said she knew him as a homeless man who was always drunk.

She said they were all drinking that night. She said another person who was with them, Brian Owings, was passed out on a bed and slept through the whole incident. ..Source.. by The Chattanoogan


Charges Upgraded To Murder Against Pair After Garner Isbill Dies From Injuries


Investigators with the Chattanooga Police Department’s Homicide Unit have added the charge of criminal homicide against Jennifer Hatfield-Streeval, 32, and John E Moncier, 28.

They had previously been arrested for attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault for the assault of 76-year-old Garner Isbill on March 18 at 7300 Lee Highway.

Mr. Isbill succumbed to his injuries last Wednesday.

Police said the couple beat the victim, then dragged him down some concrete steps.

He was found in a pool of blood.

Formerly of Bryant, Ala., Mr. Isbill lived most of his life in Chattanooga and had lived the past year in Resaca, Ga.

He was a United States Navy veteran having served during the Korean War.

Survivors include his two daughters, Yvonne (Jimmy) Trammell, of Resaca and Rhonda Isbill, of Ringgold; sister, Patricia Isbill, of LaFayette; brother, Edward Isbill, of Chattanooga; three grandchildren, Blane (Amber) Parton, Kris (Ashleigh) Parton, and Chelsea Isbill; and two great-grandchildren, Blake Parton and Destinie Parton; and several nieces and nephews.

He was buried at the Chattanooga National Cemetery with his daughter, Pastor Yvonne Trammell, officiating. ..Source.. by The Chattanoogan

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