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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Police Shooting: Victim (Sex Offender) Suffered From Schizophrenia!

6-20-2004 Oregon:

ASTORIA, Ore. -- An Astoria man shot and killed by police suffered from schizophrenia, according to his mother.

Neighbors called police Wednesday night after seeing Douglas Pollock on the roof, cutting live electrical wires.

Officers shot 41-year-old Pollock five times inside the home after he allegedly came at them with a baseball bat.

Pollock was a convicted sex offender and recently served jail time for failing to register as such.

"He was a kind and loving person. He wouldn't hurt anybody," Pollock's mother, Catherine, told KOIN.

Two officers involved are on leave until the investigation is complete. ..more.. by


Police killing in Astoria

6-17-2004 Oregon:

Catherine Pollock, the mother of Doug Pollock who was killed Wednesday by police, stands at the police line this morning. Patrice Stanley, a neighbor who talked with Cathy Pollock, said, "She looked at me and said 'I told them not to shoot him.'"

Pollock had record; officers on paid administrative leave

The man Astoria police shot dead in his home Wednesday night might have been mentally ill. A neighbor reported that the man's mother begged police not to shoot him.

An autopsy on the dead man, Douglas Eugene Pollock Jr., is scheduled for Friday, Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis said this morning.

Two Astoria police officers are on paid administrative leave while detectives from other agencies in Clatsop County investigate what happened. The names of the officers involved in the shooting have not been released.

Clatsop County court records show that Pollock has had extensive dealings with law enforcement agencies over the past few years. He recently served jail time for failing to register as a sex offender.

The incident that led to the death of 41-year-old Pollock began when a neighbor saw him on the roof of the house at 218 Franklin Ave. at 7:30 p.m. cutting electrical wires. He shared the home with his mother, Catherine Pollock.


Thursday morning, investigators gather on the deck of a Franklin Avenue duplex where an Astoria man, Douglas Eugene Pollock Jr., was shot and killed Wednesday night.

The neighbor, Astoria High School Principal Larry Lockett, who lives around the corner on Second Street, said he was watering his lawn,when he heard a pop and saw a big man with a beard "lumbering across the roof."

Lockett said live wires were on the ground, so he called police.

He said an Astoria police officer responded, then called for back-up. Two officers went up the steps, and another went to the back of the house, he said.

Lockett said he heard four gunshots come from inside the man's house. Neighbor watched. Patrice Stanley who lives across the street, watched the incident unfold.

Stanley said Cathy Pollock, said she told police her son was a paranoid schizophrenic who was unstable but not dangerous or violent. Stanley said Cathy Pollock told her she begged police not to shoot Pollock, and they said they were using a bean bag gun.

"But the next thing she knew, he was dead right there in her living room," Stanley said Cathy Pollock told her.

Police said the man had a baseball bat, Stanley said, and she saw one officer emerge from the house holding an injured arm.

Eamon and Cathy Pollock, the brother and mother of Doug Pollock Jr., stand together outside the police line.


"We were beside ourselves," Stanley said of herself and the victim's mother. "We didn't understand why they didn't mace him or 'Taze' him," she said. "But of course, I wasn't there," Stanley said. "I don't know what he might have said to the police."

Stanley said the usually quiet street was filled with emergency vehicles, including five police cars, an ambulance and a fire engine.

"It was the whole nine yards," Stanley said. "It looked like a circus."

Later, the victim's father, also named Douglas Pollock, arrived from Portland, Stanley said, and began yelling at police, "cussing up a blue streak." Stanley said he yelled, "You SOBs killed my son! Where's the weapon? Where's the baseball bat?"

Stanley said the woman who rents the other side of the duplex,was also very angry and said she would testify against police in court.

Astoria not involved in probe

The case is being investigated by the Clatsop County Major Crimes team, which includes Oregon State Police and the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office.

The Astoria Police department will not take any part in the investigation, Marquis said, because the case involves Astoria police officers.

"They are on paid administrative leave, which is standard practice and does not imply any wrongdoing," Marquis said. He said the Astoria Police Department has been very cooperative.

He declined to offer further details because of the preliminary nature of the interviews, but he confirmed that the incident started with the report of a person cutting a power line.

Marquis said he believed it was the first officer-involved shooting in Astoria in 50 years. ..more.. by SANDRA SWAIN

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