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Friday, April 20, 2007

Woman sentenced for killing abusive father

8-27-2004 South Carolina:
YORK, S.C. - A woman was sentenced on Friday to seven years in prison for killing her father.

Janice Clark Smith, 50, pleaded guilty to shooting George Manley Clark three times in the chest on Dec. 11. She said the man had abused her for nearly all of her life.

During five hours of testimony on Thursday, nearly 40 other people told Judge Howard King of Sumter that they either were molested by Clark or knew someone who had been.

All asked the judge to have mercy on Smith. ..more.. Associated Press

Parole brings her peace after killing abusive dad
January 2006 SOuth Carolina:

CATAWBA, S.C. -- Down a dirt road named Copperhead lives a woman who had good reason to kill the man who gave her life.

But Janice Clark Smith, who was paroled from prison last week for fatally shooting her father, George Manley Clark -- decades after he sexually abused his daughters and assaulted his grandchild, executed family pets and held a shotgun to his wife's head -- said it still wasn't good enough.

"I done wrong; I should not have shot him in the chest like I did," said the 51-year-old grandmother of eight as she held her squirming 3-year-old grandson Austin Lamb in her lap. "And now I'm a criminal. But someone had to stop that man before he hurt someone else."

Smith is flying this morning to Los Angeles to tell her story tonight on ... ..more.. by DAN HUNTLEY

Woman Convicted for Killing 73-Year-Old Father Who Molested Her, Dozens of Others

Aug. 28, 2004 – A South Carolina women was sentenced to seven years for killing her 73-year-old father, who she said abused her nearly all of her life.

About 40 other people told the judge that they either were molested by George Manley Clark or knew someone who had been. Clark was convicted in 1987 of molesting two girls. Witnesses testified that Clark executed family pets, invited drunken friends to his house where his daughters were abused and wreaked havoc on his children all their lives.

His daughter, Janice Clark Smith, 50, shot him three times in the chest last December. ..Source..

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