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Monday, October 22, 2007

Texan executed for killing child molester

This is about the death of Rudy Delgado in prison.
1-4-2005 Texas

Beat fellow prisoner to death with rock in pillowcase

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) -- A condemned killer was executed Tuesday night for beating a convicted child molester to death in prison.

James Porter, who dropped his appeals and ordered nothing be done to stop the first execution of the year in the nation's most active capital punishment state, apologized to relatives of his victims and expressed love for his family.

"I am sorry for the pain I have caused you," he said in a brief final statement. "I know it is a great loss and I want to apologize. I am sorry. And to my family I love you and I will see you all in heaven."

His mother sobbed while watching the lethal injection through a window nearby.

Porter, 33, was sentenced to die for using a smuggled rock wrapped in a pillowcase to fatally beat prisoner Rudy Delgado, 40.

Porter already was serving a 45-year term for the 1995 shooting death of a transient when he attacked Delgado in May 2000 at a prison near Texarkana. Delgado was serving a 15-year term for sexually assaulting a child.

"I believe he was taken out too easy," Anna Acevedo said after watching her brother's killer die. "He didn't feel the same pain my brother did."

Porter said Delgado made a pass at him.

"What I done is what I done," Porter told The Associated Press in a recent interview. "I'd taken a 2-pound rock to somebody's head and spread them all over the place. I guess at that time, I just lost all my cool and didn't care anymore."

He wrote letters to the prosecutor handling his capital murder trial, referring to his victim in epithets and said he should be applauded for ridding society of a child molester. The prosecutor used the letters at Porter's trial, telling jurors the convicted murderer was boasting and proud of killing Delgado.

"In a way, I was," Porter said from death row. "That dude never touched any little boys again."

He said he eventually realized he was wrong to punish Delgado "for something he was already punished for."

Defense lawyer Robin Norris said Porter long suffered depression resulting from an abusive childhood that included being raped by one of his stepfathers. He eventually ran away from home and dropped out of school in the eighth grade.

Porter was one of at least nine men in Texas with execution dates already this year, including four in January. The state carried out 23 executions last year. ..more.. by CNN

1 comment:

chelsea (little Girl) said...

James scott porter only did what he thought was right because of his difficult childhood. And the fact that his mother my grandmother was sobbing is not anyones business but our family. And we all know that he made mistakes....who dosnt?? And just so all u people know i was only 10 when my uncle was taken from me and he was in prison before i was ever even born......we were close and i miss him very much...........I still love him because he is family and only strong people can forgive people for there mistakes. Those other people who cant forgive people usually dont know the whole story.