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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mob lynches suspected rapist in Venezuela

2-27-2009 Venezuela:

Caracas, Feb 6 (IANS) A suspected rapist was lynched, burned and dragged through the streets by residents of a west Caracas neighbourhood who accused the police of not doing their jobs, Venezuelan media has reported.The residents said that the suspect was killed Wednesday morning after he allegedly tried to rape a nine-year-old girl, EFE stated.

The man, according to eyewitnesses, was chased by a mob, caught, beaten, shot, burned and tied to a motorcycle and dragged down an avenue, where the body was burned again.

The incident occurred in the Zamora neighbourhood, where another suspected criminal was killed by a mob in October, the El Universal newspaper said.

Residents told reporters that they took justice into their own hands because the man had allegedly raped five women, including a girl, in the neighbourhood.

“We had been following him and managed to capture him this morning (Wednesday) when he tried to abuse a nine-year-old girl. He got away twice,” a resident who refused to identify himself told El Universal.

“We don’t believe the police. They are corrupt. We don’t want them here,” Josefina Guzman, who lives in El Valle, told the daily Ultimas Noticias.

Venezuelans, according to polls, consider crime the biggest problem facing the country. ..News Source.. by IANS

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