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Saturday, February 28, 2009

UT- Officer fatally shoots man in Taylor

After reading other stories of deaths by this police dep't, I'm classifying this as a murder case. It appears they are too quick to kill rather than wound.

2-28-2009 Utah:

A 64-year-old man, Michael John Taylor, who had been charged with two counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, is dead after a barricade situation with Weber County Sheriff's Office that resulted in a shooting.

"Several shots were fired, and there was a deputy who did fire a shot. That, apparently, is the fatal shot that killed Taylor," said Capt. Klint Anderson.

Taylor, of the unincorporated community of Taylor on the county's west side, came home intoxicated and suicidal Friday evening, prompting his wife to call 911, Anderson said.

When deputies arrived at Taylor's home at 4366 West and 2550 South, Taylor was in the barn behind his house with a handgun. While she was on the phone with 911 and before the deputies arrived, Taylor's wife heard him fire a shot while he was inside the barn, Anderson said.

The SWAT team was called to the scene, part of the neighborhood was evacuated, and the barn was surrounded by deputies and officers.

Individuals negotiated with Taylor for more than an hour before he walked out of the barn with his handgun and approached the officers.

"He challenged the situation and walked up to the officers with the gun in his hand," Anderson said.

At that point, several shots were fired, resulting in Taylor's death.

"We can't say what actually triggered his behavior. It would all be speculation," Anderson said.

While the shooting is investigated, the officer who was said to have shot Taylor was placed on administrative leave, a typical procedure after an officer-involved shooting.

The Weber County Attorney's Office will conduct the formal investigation of the shooting.

Taylor was charged Tuesday for sex abuse offenses alleged to have occurred Dec. 1. He was arrested by North Ogden police on Monday, less than three weeks after he was sentenced on his last case involving sexual abuse of children.

He was released on a $40,000 bail bond.

Taylor had faced charges of aggravated sexual abuse stemming from a Jan. 31, 2008, incident. Those charges were reduced to misdemeanors in a plea bargain to which the victims had agreed.

Taylor was sentenced on Feb. 2 to probation on the 2008 case on the condition he complete sex-offender therapy and drug and alcohol counseling. ..News Source..

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