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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Most Serious Vigilantism Cases: Murder, Attempted Murder, Brutalization, Arson, often locating target using Registry or Community Notification Information

Any Date, Any State:

DATE of LAST ADDITION to LIST: 1-27-2012

These are the more serious cases and some where the registry or community notification information was used, by the perpetrator, to commit his/her deeds and harm the person who is the object of the story. While I am sure there are other cases, in these there is no doubt they are the most serious short of out-right murders; the rest of this blog documents them. This list will be update as we find more, so stop back for the then current version. In addition, there are hundreds of cases of vigilantism in the Vigilantism Blog.

By Year:

2011 MA: Molotov Cocktail Thrown Into Occupied Home where a Registered Sex Offender Lives

2011 CA: Authorities say woman stabbed Diamond Bar man to death before dismembering him

2010 VA: Hopewell teen charged with harassing registered sex offender

2010 CA: California man accused of tracking down alleged molester priest, beating him at retirement home

2010 OH: Guard charged with permitting 'jailhouse justice' assault on sex offender

2010 CA: Robbery suspect admits to assaulting sex offenders in Grover Beach

2009 FL: Trailer where Jessica Lunsford died is torched

2008 WI: Probation ordered in beating of Appleton man

2008 NY: After two fires in three days, homeowner says he's "a target"

2008 IN: 'Get out perv' left at fire site

2008 MO: Man pleads guilty to molesting 4 neighbor children

2008 FL: Man's sex offender info posted by neighbor

2008 IL: Accused Officer's House Burns Down

2008 VA: Vinton house fire ruled arson

2007 MI: Prosecutor: 'Thrill kill' led teens to murder, decapitate man

2007 TN: Reaction to "vigilante justice" arrests in suspicious fire death (Woman dies in fire)

2007 WI: Man accused of beating up sex offender

2007 OK: Home Destroyed In Suspicious Fire

2007 TX: House Fire Victim is Registered Sex Offender

2006 NY: Fire at sex offender's home believed to be arson

2006 CA: On his block, a molester

2006 NC: Flames engulf south Charlotte home

2006 MA: Appleton St. fire may have been set

2006 OK: Suspects charged in revenge arson

2006 CA: Convicted molester’s house torched

2005 UT WY: Dismembered Body Near Utah-Wyoming Line Was Sex Offender

2005 NE: Gas line was cut, fed into home

2005 CA: Man Falsely Accused Of Being Sex Offender Leaves Job

2005 VT: Sex offender evicted from Hoosick home

2005 IA: Cedar Rapids teacher suspended after name posted on sex offender registry

2005 IL: Arsonist torches sex offender's house

2004 CO: Sex Offender's Home Set Afire

2004 CA: East Bay Family Mistakenly Appears On Sex Offender List

2004 NH Multiple Acts: Man defends attacks on sex offenders: Crusader gets jail term

2004 WI: Stolen car torched at Brook field house: Two bottles of flammable liquid tossed at home..

2004 WI: Registered sex offender may be victim of arson

2004 MO: Seymour residents charged in connection to fire in sex offender's home

2003 MI OH KY NM Worst Case Ever: Convicted sexual predator finds no post-prison solace: Self-professed 'monster' has been ostracized, bullied

2003 VT: Onorato's Wife's Car Burned In Driveway

2000 FL: Convicted sex offender beaten by neighbors


1999 TX: List on Internet Leads to a Mistaken Beating - Thinh Pham wrongfully beaten as a suspected sex offender in Texas

1997 CA: Hell to Pay

1995 NJ: 'Vigilante' Attack in New Jersey Is Linked to Sex-Offenders Law

1995 NJ: 'Megan's Law' Prompts Lawsuit

1993 WA: Driven Out, Sex Offender Returns to Town

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